What is a hand tied weft?

A Hand Tied Weft simply means the hair is sewn into the weft by hand. This is done in our factory in India by skilled workers. People prefer Hand Tied Wefts for the same reason they prefer anything hand made... craftsmanship and quality of work. They can last well over a year with proper maintenance. Hand Tied Wefts lay flatter against your scalp, and are considered undetectable against the scalp to give you that purely natural look.

Perfect Locks hand tied wefts come pre-cut in 5 strips, making them easier for your stylist to work with. You don't have to cut the track since they are pre-cut, this reduces any chance for shedding. The weft can be glued if cut, or a new knot can be tied to prevent the weft from unraveling.

Here's a hair extension video that demonstrates how the installation procedure is done.

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