What is Virgin Indian hair?

Virgin hair simply means that the hair is completely natural and unprocessed without chemicals (such as perms, relaxing agents, or coloring dyes). Since the hair is completely natural, there has been no damage to the cuticles or the true structure of the hair. The hair cuticles actually protect the hair, and provide a natural look without dullness. Keeping the hair cuticles aligned and running in the same direction help to prevent tangling and matting. This is very important when it comes to hair extensions, because you want a quality install that will last you as long as possible. We make sure all of our cuticles are running in the same direction. Virgin hair is considered the best quality of hair which is known to last for over and up to and up to a year with proper care and installation. Our hair is Virgin Indian hair

virgin indian hairMost hair that you find in beauty supply stores is not Virgin hair. It's made made to look real pretty in the package, but when you start using it only lasts a couple of months at best. They enhance the hair in the stores by over processing with chemicals, this greatly reduces the longevity of the hair. It actually rips the hair cuticle from the hair and causes permanent damage. Many of our customers keep coming back to us because our hair 1 to 2 years with proper care. Our virgin Indian hair is more of an investment... All of our Indian hair is not treated with any chemicals or processing, making it true Virgin Indian hair. 


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