What Is the Hair Cuticle and Why Is It Important?

When looking for the most natural and glamorous look, temple hair is the most luxurious and long-lasting human hair that you can purchase. Temple hair refers to hair that is shaved from the heads of Indian women in sacred Hindu temples as a sacrifice to the god Vishnu. Worn by celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Garner and Gwyneth Paltrow, this highly-sought after hair is amongst the most rare grades of human hair in the world.

Temple hair is often donated by a bride shortly before her wedding day to show that she is willing to give up her crowning glory and her pride for a special blessings from the gods. Since the hair is shorn directly from the scalp of a donor, it is considered full cuticle hair, and is of the highest quality. Temple hair is hand sorted and packaged. This hair is 100% virgin Indian hair and has not been treated with any chemical processes. Perfect Locks sells only the highest quality temple hair that comes directly from donors in Indian temples.


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