Indian Hair vs. Other Types of Hair for Weaves

Hair weaves are expensive but a quick way of adding thickness and length to your hair. Hair for weaves is sewn into a strip, commonly known as a weft. These strips can be attached to your scalp in a variety of ways. There is also a wide variety of hair weaves available in the market, ranging from hair weaves made from natural hair sourced from different donors to those made from cheap synthetic hair. Some cheap hair weaves even use animal hair.

Human hair extensions have been around for centuries, but it is only since the last decade that these became popular with the masses. While you can install some hair weaves at home on your own, there are some methods of application that can be handled only by a professional hairstylist. Regardless of the application method, the choice is always about the right type of hair weave.

Hair weaves made from natural hair are the best as they last long and can be curled, straightened and dyed. Synthetic hair, although cheaper, does not last long and also does not give a natural look after application. Moreover, synthetic hair cannot be dyed as it is made from nylon or polyester, which is also why it is prone to damage from friction frizz.

Insofar as natural hair for weavesis concerned, Indian hairis considered to be the best. Virgin Indian hair weaves are the ultimate in hair extensions and are unmatched by any other hair weave.

You have just to look at Indian women to appreciate how shiny and substantial Indian hair is. What you may not know is that it is not chemical treatment that makes Indian hair so shiny, thick, and strong; these traits are inherent to Indian hair. Its dark color allows light to reflect more easily than light colored hair. Moreover, due to the inherent properties of their hair, Indian women (and men too) do not normally use chemical compounds, colors, and irons to treat their hair.

Even when you are sure that the hair for weaves you are buying is made from Indian hair, you still need to ascertain a few other things to be sure that you are actually buying the best product.

The highest quality weaves are made from Indian hair that still possesses the cuticle layer, which is the outermost protective layer of hair. It is only when the cuticles are intact and facing the same direction that the hair weave provides the natural and smooth look that you are looking for. It also keeps the hair weave from getting tangled frequently. Virgin Indian hair that has not been processed in any way is the best and the most expensive hair.

Indian hair for weaves may also be chemically treated, which is usually for changing the color to suit individual preferences. The problem is that for getting the perfect color, the hair is often bleached and then dyed again. Once the chemical treatment is completed, the cuticles get misaligned, which exposes the hair weave to greater risk of damage due to tangling.

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