How to Install Micro Ring Fusion Hair

Micro ring hair extensions are similar to fusion hair extensions insofar as the installation is done strand to strand. However, it does not involve the application of heat or glue; instead, small attachment rings are used.

This is a precision process that requires a set of professional extension tools to install the extensions. Provided you use hair extensions made from 100% natural and virgin Indian hair, micro ring fusion hair can serve you well for up to eight months with proper care. 

The process of installing micro ring fusion hair may be divided into two parts: preparation and actual installation.

       To prepare for installation, clean and dry your hair.

       Separate a horseshoe shaped section of hair that covers the bangs and crown. Secure the section with a duckbill clip.

       On each side of the head, make a vertical partition from the tip of the ear to the horseshoe section already created. Clip in front of the ears after combing.

       Part and pin the remaining loose hair with duckbill clips across the rear of the head.    

       Separate a ½ inch row of hair at the nape of the neck and comb flat. Separate another ½ inch row of hair. This will be the base for the first row of extensions. Clip the upper part of the section with duckbill clips.

You are now ready to install micro ring fusion hair.

-       Take a micro loop and insert the hooking device through it to the hair extension strand.

-       Take nearly 15/20 strands of hair between the forefinger and thumb and insert the strands into the tip of the hooking device.

-       Slide the micro loop up onto the hair strands. You need to be careful here because if it is placed too close to the scalp, it will cause discomfort. On the other hand, if it is too far away from the root, it may result in tangles. The right distance is to position the loop approximately ¼ of an inch away from the roots.

-       Pull the hooking device away from the strands and avoid any jerky movement.

-       Squeeze the micro loop firmly with the clamping tool to secure the hair extension to your natural hair.

-       Now, repeat these steps for installing on the rest of the row. Leave about ½ inch hairline for blending.

-       Remove the clip from the lowest section of hair and separate ½ an inch of base hair for applying loops. Repeat the process till you reach the crown of the head.

-       Now, release the side portions. In case the hair is longer than six inches, you may not need additional extensions here.

-       Release the section of hair at the crown. Comb and trim the extensions to merge them with your own hair.         

There are different types of hair extensions available in the market. It is better to choose extensions made from natural hair, particularly virgin Indian hair, because of its versatility when it comes to styling it whichever way you like. Similarly, there are different methods for attaching hair extensions. Micro ring fusion hairextensions are the ideal choice for you if you have thin hair and are looking to wear them in the long-term.

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