Various Fusion Hair Extension Install Methods

Hair extensions have become fashionable these days as they lend very well to creative hairstyles. If you have short hair, you do not have to wait for your hair to grow and can get long curly hair simply by attaching a hair extension.

There are many methods of installing hair extensions. Wefts are the quickest and simplest method of attaching hair extensions and involve attaching a track of hair several inches long. Braided track extensions are applied by making very small cornrow braids on your own hair where the braid is sewn. The fusion hair extension install method, on the other hand, is a strand by strand method in which hair extensions are added to the ends of your natural hair.

Hair fusion has taken the fashion world by storm and it appears that it is fast becoming the future of hair styling and care. It requires you to visit a hairstylist and may take some time as each strand of hair extension is attached to your natural hair. It is ideal for women who find lace wigs, bonded hair, and front lace wigs too much of a bother. Although semi-permanent, the fusion hair extension install method is among the more permanent forms, and with proper maintenance, can last from three to six months even a year if you are extra careful.

The fusion hair extension method makes your hair longer and thicker to give it a fuller look instead of a bulky look as in the case of sew-in hair extensions. There are two methods of installing fusion hair extensions, and it varies from person to person as to which method suits them best.

Hot Fusion Method

This method involves the use of a hot fusion connector to bond the hair extensions to the roots of your own hair. This method is more suited for women who have strong and thick hair that can bear the weight of glue and the attached hair extensions.

Cold Fusion Method

This is a newer technique that uses an ultrasound device and a keratin-based polymer to attach hair extensions to the end of your natural hair. Cold fusion preserves natural hair and prevents damage as it is gentler on the hair follicles. It also gives you a more natural feel than hot fusion.

Fusion hair extensions score over sewn-in and glued in weaves inasmuch as there are no braids, tracks, wefts or nets. Women who tend to frequently run their hands through their hair find it very convenient as they can do that even when they have fusion hair extensions installed.

The most important aspect is to choose the right type of hair extension. You need a weave that is specifically meant to be installed using fusion techniques. Buy only from a reputed online retailer who specializes in virgin Indian hair extensions. If you are using virgin Indian hair extensions, you can style you hair into large or small curls, wash them, and even blow dry them.

You also need to pay attention to fusion hair treatment. To get the best look, you must shampoo your hair every two weeks or remove hair extensions every three months and get them re-fused.

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