How to Safely Remove a Hair Weave

If you have never done this before, you may find it pretty difficult to safely remove a hair weaveas there is a risk of cutting your own hair in the process. Removing a hair weave is something that requires a fair amount of patience and if you are not careful, you may even damage your scalp.

Sew-in Hair Weaves

If you want to remove a hair weavesafely, the first thing you need to ensure is whether your tracks are ready to come out. If you have maintained your weave properly, it will stay for 4-6 weeks. If the braids are lifted, the process should be easy, particularly if you installed it yourself in the first place because you know the route in which the weave was sewed in.

Make a ponytail of the weave on the top of your head; if you are using a short style, put clips around the head. Now, locate the last track in the back and release it from the ponytail. You need to be careful here. Placing a mirror behind you will help because this is your back and you may not be able to tell the thread from your hair.

Cut a piece of thread. Once you have cut the thread from one end, use your fingers to remove the remaining thread. Keep lifting the thread with your fingers till you get stuck at a point. Here, you will have to make another cut. Repeat till you have safely removed the hair weave.

However, if you have used a glue-in hair extension, you have to use another method to remove a hair weave.

How to Safely Remove Hair Weave Glue

The first step is to separate all the weave extensions from your hair. For this purpose, you need to apply a little bit of oil with your hands or spray a good amount of oil sheen. Oil helps break the glue bond and makes it easy to slide the weave track. As you massage the oil in, you will find the weave extensions slipping off.

Take a hair-bond remover and apply it to each weft. Massage the remover gently and let it remain for 10 minutes. This will dissolve the glue and allow you to safely remove the hair weave. Gently pull each hair extension by sliding your finger along the glue bond. If you come across a stubborn bond, apply more bond remover on that area.

Once the extensions have been removed, there will still be some glue on your hair and scalp. Use a wide-toothed comb to locate fragments of glue that were not broken down by the bond remover.

For removing excess hair glue, you need a detangling shampoo. Wash your hair using cold water, making sure that you massage the areas having large fragments of glue. Avoid warm water because this may cause the adhesive to melt in your hair and make matters difficult. Rinse your hair and apply a generous amount of good quality hair conditioner. Rinse the conditioner off and allow your hair to dry.

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