The Versatility of Wavy Virgin Indian Hair

Before we even start talking about virgin Indian hair and its versatility, we need to first understand what we mean by wavy virgin Indian hair.

Virgin, in this context, means hair that comes from a human donor. Virgin hair may or may not be processed. However, if human hair has to retain its original sheen and inherent properties, it has to be cut right from the roots, and its cuticles need to be kept intact.

Indian hair is hair sourced from Indian women who shave their hair, mostly due to certain religious beliefs. Indian hair is known to be of high quality as it is naturally versatile and wavy, probably due to ethnic and genetic reasons.

The versatility of virgin Indian hair is retained only when each strand of hair is in the same direction or all hair roots are at one end. The cuticle is basically the outer layer of hair consisting of overlapping cells, some five to twelve deep. These are dead cells meant for protecting the inner structure of hair that is soft and prone to damage. Hair extensions made from virgin hair with all cuticles flowing in one direction retain the inherent wavy property of Indian hair. 

Another term that is generally synonymous with virgin Indian hair is ‘Remy.’ No one knows what the term actually means because some marketers use the term to refer the purest form of hair available in the market. However, there are some manufacturers of hair extensions that use it to refer to processed hair. However, in both cases, the hair is ‘virgin’ as it comes from a human donor.

That brings us to newest product in African American beauty salons: long and wavy hair extensions made from virgin Indian hair and the hype with which they are being marketed.

Believe it or not, it is actually a hot product, and African American women appreciate wavy virgin Indian hairnot only because it suits their skin color but also because of its versatility. Whether you wear it straight with a natural curl or with a deeper curl pattern, the hair extension can be flat ironed for a silky, smooth, and wavy look.

One of the major reasons why Indian hair extensions are so versatile is that the hair is purchased in its natural unprocessed form. A lot of virgin Indian hair that reaches America comes from the South Indian temple town of Tirupati where women (and men too) donate their hair on fulfillment of their prayers. Manufacturers in USA only shampoo, condition, and color the hair, if need be, to make hair extensions.

Besides versatility and color suitability, Indian hair is popular among African American women for another reason as well. Hair extensions made from virgin Indian hair are available in tangle free lengths up to 36 inches. If you have ever used one, you will know that tangle free means a lot in weaves and hair extensions. It left to anyone’s imagination as to what a long wavy hair extension can do to one’s appearance.

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