All about Straight Virgin Indian Hair

Straight virgin Indian hair is the most popular hair extension available in the market because of its versatility, its ability to blend in with different hair types, and also because it can be treated like natural hair. It can be easily colored, straightened, or curled.

Virgin Indian hair refers to hair extensions made from human hair sourced from India. It may be processed or unprocessed. The versatility of virgin hair allows you to wear it in its natural state by letting it air dry, give it a wavy look with a natural straight texture, and flat iron it bone straight or set it with rollers.

Virgin Indian hair that has not been processed means its color and texture is natural to the donor, but it can be customized according to the latest fashion that is in vogue. Generally, the natural patterns of Indian hair vary from straight to bushy, curly locks. Indian Remy, on the other hand, is virgin hair that has been processed by manufacturers for color and texture. This is done to give hair extensions a uniform appearance, which is not seen in unprocessed virgin hair. Once virgin Indian hair has been processed, it is better not to further alter it. 

There is a wide choice of textures though. Besides straight virgin Indian hair extensions, you also have wavy, curly and deep curly and kinky curly hair extensions. Straight virgin Indian hair gets a body wave simply on wetting it, and wavy hair can be straightened with the aid of a flat iron.

Virgin Indian hair available in the market may also be single or double drawn. ‘Single drawn’ refers to hair cut from the ponytail without doing anything to the ends. ‘Double drawn,’ on the other hand, refers to hair that has length cut from the ends, allowing the natural layers to be trimmed and often forms a blunt end for a thicker appearance.

One of the popular textures in processed Indian hair is to give it a straight body wave with a silky appearance. It actually gives the entire bundle of hair a consistent ‘S’ pattern and is often done when the hair is processed for color. Double drawn straight virgin Indian hair extensions with all the roots at one end or all cuticles pointing to one direction are the best quality possible. When properly processed, it ensures a near perfect length and keeps it from getting tangled even after bleaching or dyeing.  

Indian hair offers a big bonus for African American women as its natural black color matches their natural hair and does not need to be colored. Hair extensions made from virgin Indian hair can be available in natural shades of natural black to off-black and natural light to dark browns.

Hair extensions have come a long way, and new methods are appearing on the scene practically every day. One of the time tested methods is net weaving. It is the use of a weaving cap for sew-in extensions. Another innovative product is bulk hair or loose hair that can be used for braiding.

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