How to Install Seamless Skin Wefted Hair Extensions

Skin wefted hair extensions can be attached to the scalp all in one piece instead of installing small pieces one at a time. There is a band of approximately 12 inches long fabric or elastic to which varying lengths of hair extensions are sewn. Unlike traditional hair extensions, seamless skin wefted hair extensions are attached to the scalp instead of your natural hair.

Seam less skin wefts hair extensions are among the easiest to install, and depending on how careful you are, they will last for up to two months. Depending on the design, it allows the wearer to place one or more bands to create a lengthier style or thicken the base.

It is very easy to install seamless skin wefted hair extensions and the process is much quicker than other type of hair extensions.  

Step by Step Instructions for Installing Seamless Skin Wefted Hair Extensions

You will need a comb, seamless skin wefted hair extensions, scissors, hair gum, hair dryer, a weaving needle, hair extension clips, and small pliers.

       Comb your hair upward and secure with a clip. Ensure that you have a straight line of hair-free scalp.

       You have now to measure how skin weft hair extension you need to install. Hold the fabric band of the skin weft to your head to determine how much is enough. Cut the excess fabric band to the right length.

       Turn over the skin weft and a small amount of hair glue on the fabric band. Spread the glue evenly with the applicator so that it covers the entire band. There are some types of skin wefted hair extensions that come with a special tape fixed on the fabric band. The skin weft is held in place with a tape that is gummed on both sides, making the application process simpler.

       Turn over the skin weft and hold the glued side on to the scalp. Press gently and wait for a few seconds so that it adheres.

       Switch on the hair dryer and point it towards the top band. This will help the glue dry quickly.

       From the portion that is clipped on the top of the head, pull a thin layer of hair. There should be enough to cover the entire skin weft. Comb the hair gently to untangle it.

       Take a small round hair extension clip and insert it onto the end of the weaving needle. Hold a small section of both artificial and natural hair with the hooked tip of the needle. With the round clip in one hand, pull the needle through the clip with the other hand so as to thread the hair through the clip.  

       Push the clip up the hair strand so that it only covers a fraction of an inch from the scalp. Secure the clip in place with the help of small pliers.

       Install clips along the rest of the skin weft by repeating the last two steps.

If you are looking for volume, easier maintenance, easy styling, and a natural look, the glue-in skin weft is an option that you should consider if you want easy-to-install hair extensions.

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