How to Install a Swiss Lace Closure

The most important aspect of installing weaves and wigs is to ensure that your overall appearance is as natural as possible. To achieve this, a closure or a group of hair designed for placing on the top of the head is necessary after installing most weaves. It is the finishing touch you give to hair extensions that lend a natural appearance to the crown of your scalp.

As in the case of weaves and hair extensions, closures also come in a range of colors, textures and styles, whether straight and curly. There are also several types of closures such as Swiss lace mesh closures and skin weft closures. Swiss lace closures are by far the most popular.

If you are a first time buyer, you might find the lace wig terminology a bit confusing. Lace wig is a general term referring to a wig that includes a lace installed for giving a natural appearance around the hairline or throughout the scalp. A lace closure may be frontal, a small unit covering the first few inches from the hairline, or a full lace wig that has a lace throughout the scalp. Full lace wigs allow the wearer to part the hair throughout instead of just the few inches as in a frontal lace wig.

Swiss lace closure, on the other hand, refers to the most delicate lace that is so fine that it is difficult to detect. It gives the most natural appearance to the hair of the wearer. Swiss lace closures may also be classified by the type of hair used such as artificial or natural hair, untreated natural hair with intact cuticles, or natural hair that is colored or treated with chemicals. Swiss lace closures made from virgin Indian hair, whether untreated or colored, are the best closures available.

The first step when you are looking to install a Swiss lace closure is to match it with the weave or hair extensions or your natural hair. Since closures are purchased separately, it is up to you make sure that you buy the best match. This includes matching the color and texture of the closure with the hair extensions you are using or your natural hair. Hold the closure close to the weave or hair extension and see if there is any difference in color. Feel it to determine that both have a similar texture.

Swiss Lace Closure Application Guide

       Regardless of whether you want to install a Swiss lace closure hair on sew-in or glue-in weaves, tracks will be needed for the weft of the closure.

       Complete the process of sewing in or gluing in hair extensions to tracks or cornrow braids of natural hair.

       Clean the skin around the outer edge of the hairline with rubbing alcohol.

       Make sure that you leave a U-shaped portion of cornrow braids on the crown of your head. This is where you have to install the Swiss lace closure.

       Apply a thin line of adhesive. Remember that a little bit of adhesive is enough. Gently press it down until it is secured. Alternatively, you can use a dark colored sewing thread and C-shaped needle to attach the lace closure to the U-shaped section of tracks.

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