Can I color vrigin Indian hair extensions easily?

You can color virgin indian human hair extensions. The hair is completely virgin and will take the color very easily just like human hair. However, it may be a bit more complicated if you are deciding to go too light of a color. If you would like to color your dark Indian hair to a blonde or light brown, you would have the bleach the hair first, then add the color. We do not recommend you do this yourself unless you are experienced. We suggest you consult a stylist for these types of complicated coloring procedures.

You should not have much of a problem if you would like to go a couple shades lighter. The same goes for dying the hair to jet black color. You can buy any quality hair color at the store or salon to do this. Since these colors are close to the natural color range it should be a relatively easy procedure.

You could always purchase colored hair extensions from Perfect Locks, we do the dirty work so you don't have to. You can also place a custom order to meet your exact specifications for texture and color. Check out our human hair color chart for the popular hair extension colors.  

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