What I Can Expect with My Virgin Indian Hair

Perfect Locks Indian human hair is Virgin Single Drawn hair that is completely natural and unprocessed. This means that each bundle comes from one single person. Indian women traditionally keep their hair very healthy, but you may see split ends just like the natural hair on a person's head. We do not trim the split ends. We leave this up to the customer, most people like the completely natural look with variations in the end, while others like to trim the base at an even length. Once the hair is donated to the temples we wash the hair with industrial shampoo to keep it very hygienic. After this deep cleaning the hair is then naturally dried by the suns rays.

When you receive the hair it may appear rough, this is because it is completely natural virgin Indian hair that is washed and sun dried. Once you use your quality shampoo and conditioner you will see the hair come to life. The proteins in your products will nourish the hair making it gorgeous and vibrant. Also remember, since this is a completely natural product from humans, there will be variations in textures of hair, whether it's straight wavy or curly. Once treated properly, these textures will be more defined and beautiful.

Also remember that this is not beauty supply hair. The beauty of our Indian hair products are not hidden by processed chemicals that make it look pretty in the package, then fall apart after a few months like beauty store hair. Some stylists will try to upsell you with their products that don't last, just like beauty supply hair. Our products will last you a long time if properly maintained, we have seen them reusable for over 2 years by reputable salons, stylist, and customers.

There are some very important things to remember when you receive and open your Indian hair from Perfect Locks Hair Company:
  1. This hair is washed with an industrial shampoo, then sun dried.
  2. This is completely virgin hair, unprocessed and treated with no products.
  3. The ends are left completely natural, there will be variations in length.
  4. Our straight, wavy, and curly hair is always measured when the hair is straight.
  5. Since the hair is not trimmed at the ends, there may be split ends.
  6. The hair comes to life when shampooed, conditioned, and deep conditioned.
  7. Our products will last you 1 to 2 years if properly installed and maintained.

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