Perfect Locks | Virgin Indian Hair Extensions & Human Hair Weaves
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Baby hair
hair that is added to the hairline of full lace wigs, closures, or lace frontals. Baby hair gives the hairline a more natural appearance. All Perfect Locks hairpieces contain baby hair.

Bulk hair
hair that is packaged loose, not bound to a weft. Bulk hair is usually used for braiding or strand by strand application.

a small piece of Indian Remy hair that is fused to a thin piece of lace. Closures are used during a weave installation to cover the crown area or “close” the gap left by human hair wefts.

Colored Remy
Virgin Indian hair that has been dyed from its natural color. Indian Remy hair is available in a wide range of colors. Hair that has been colored is no longer virgin hair.

Cuticle hair
Refers to hair that has the outermost layer intact. Full cuticle hair is the longest lasting hair available, lasting for up to a year or more with proper maintenance.

Full lace wig
A hair unit or wig that is created by sewing Indian Remy hair onto a thin lace that resembles human scalp. Full lace wigs can be styled, braided and parted just as hair growing naturally from the scalp. Full lace wigs can also be styled in a high ponytail. Full lace wigs and units have no wefts or visible adhesive.

Fusion hair
A technique in which human hair is attached to the natural hair using hot or cold adhesive. Fusion weaves use specially formulated human hair extensions that are attached to the ends of the natural hair strand, creating a seamless look.

Hair installation
The process of applying human hair extensions to the natural hair. Methods of installation include fusion, sewn and bonded, to name a few.

Hand tied weft
Hair is tied by hand onto a thin track or “weft” which can be used to apply an Indian Remy human hair weave. These delicate wefts are the thinnest and most indistinguishable wefts available.

I-tipped extensions
Specially formulated extensions that are used in fusion weave application. These extensions are also called “shoelace tipped” extensions due to their narrow, pointed tips. I-tipped extensions are often used in the cold fusion technique.

Lace frontal
Similar to a full lace wig, the lace frontal is a small section of Indian Remy hair that is attached to a thin, skin-like lace. These frontals can be used to simulate a natural hairline or to camouflage hair damage.

Machine weft
Hair is attached to a track or “weft” using a small machine. These wefts are used in human hair installation. These strips are slightly sturdier than hand tied wefts and are used to attach the natural hair to the extension.

Remy Hair
Refers to hair that has the cuticle layer intact. Remy hair cuticles all lie in the same direction, and are collected from the same donor. Remy hair is the highest quality hair available. Hair can only be referred to as “Remy” if it has been collected from a single donor. Many discount retailers sell hair that has been collected from multiple donors, with the strands clumped together and lying in different directions. This hair is not Remy, and will start to tangle and dull after several days or weeks.

Single drawn
Hair that is collected from a single donor. Single donor hair has the cuticle layer intact, and retains its natural sheen and luster. Single drawn hair is the highest grade of hair available. Many discounters use hair that is drawn from multiple donors, leaving it susceptible to tangling and matting.

Skin base closure
A small patch of Indian Remy hair that is attached to a rubber base. Skin based closures create a tight seal between the piece and the scalp, making it completely undetectable.

Skin wefts
Human hair is attached to a thin strip of skin-like material that is indistinguishable from a human scalp. Attached to the hair with a special adhesive, this weft blends perfectly and makes hair appear to be growing directly from the scalp.

Swiss lace closure
S small patch of Indian Remy hair that is attached to a thin, breathable lace base. The swiss lace closure is used to finish a sewn-in weave by covering the gap between the wefts and the natural scalp.

Temple hair
The rarest and most sought after human hair extension, Temple hair refers to hair that has been shaved directly from the hair of individual donors. Women in Hindu temples offer their hair in a special ceremony that rewards them with special blessings for giving up their vanity. Temple hair is hand sorted, bundled and washed. It is then dried by the sun. No chemicals are added to Temple hair, and it is delivered to the customer in its natural state.

Usually worn by men, the Indian Remy toupee is a small hair unit used to cover hair loss and balding. These Indian Remy toupees can be cut, combed and washed as though natural hair.

U-tipped extensions
Specially created Indian hair extensions made for fusion hair application techniques. These extensions are also referred to as “nail tip” extension. U-tipped extensions are outfitted with small keratin ends which are used in the hot fusion application technique.

Virgin hair
Refers to hair that has not been altered by chemicals in any way. Virgin hair is collected by hand, washed by hand and dried by hand. They are delivered to the customer in the same state that they were collected from the donor.

A thin strand used to attach Indian Remy hair to the natural hair. Also referred to as “tracks.” Wefts can be made in a variety of different techniques and materials. Skin wefts are made from materials that appear to be made of human scalp, machine wefts are sewn with specialty sewing equipment. Hand tied wefts are stitched individually by hand.