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Caring for Your Wavy Virgin Indian Hair Extensions

Wavy locks are sweet and sassy and are available on our site. If you have recently invested in wavy hair that redefines your look, now it’s time to learn how to care for your wavy locks. Your stunning style and hair will astonish many as you learn how to properly care for them. Here’s a quick review that we’ve mentioned in our last care articles, but it’s important not to forget the following tips when it comes to washing and caring for your wavy hair. 

Washing Your Hair Review:

  • Once a week wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner in a downward motion to prevent hair breakage. Once a week deep condition your hair or massage a leave-in conditioner into your locks from a well known product line.
  • Wash and rinse your hair out and then carefully dry your locks. As you naturally dry your hair, use heat sparingly. Remember to carefully separate each sections of your hair, which will bring you to our next hair care steps. 

Wavy Extensions Hair Care for Gorgeous Locks:

  1. After separating your hair into different sections, find your wide tooth comb. Comb each section of your hair until you have covered all of your locks. Treat your wavy hair with extra care to keep the extension securely in your hair. They are very secure but it is still important to be careful. 
  2. As your hair continues to air dry, begin separating the individual waves in each section of your hair. Keep in mind that waves are not supposed to be scrunched with your hands, so don’t assume that the next step is to scrunch your locks! Scrunching is not recommended because it causes frizz and hair damage. Instead, shake your head back and forth to define waves and your lovely locks will form their natural wave on their own. Continue with air drying and your good-looking waves will look fabulous. 
  3. A curl activator can also be used while styling your hair, but rarely implement this product into your hair to prevent builds up that can damage Virgin Indian Hair Extensions. Diluting the product will still create the desired hair style but will lesson the build up in your hair. Anti-frizz creams also result in fewer frizzes in your hair after hair is styled but should also be used sparingly.
  4. Stay far away from oily, greasy, and alcohol based hair products. Keeping the luster and beauty of your hair is very important and these products will only take away from your hair’s health. Invest in beauty tips like taking a little bit of olive oil that will create a perfect amount of shine instead of using products that will harm your locks.
Before you catch up on your beauty sleep at night, wrap your hair in something soft such as a satin cap. To create a curly effect as opposed to natural waves that your extensions already possess, buy some rollers. Keep in mind that rollers for wavy hair is not as effective as it would be for curly hair but will still result in extra body and bounce for your waves.

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