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Caring for Your Curly Virgin Indian Hair Extensions

With so many types of Virgin Indian Hair Extensions to choose from, you may want to take the time to think over which type is the best for you. We’re excited to offer you a variety of Indian Hair Extensions that keep your hair healthy and long lasting. In order to keep your new extension in excellent condition, read on. Find out more information about how to care for your Wavy Virgin Indian Hair Extensions and Straight Virgin Indian Hair Extensions in recent FAQ sections. Now it’s important to soak up knowledge to learn how to become a pro at maintaining gorgeous Curly Hair Extensions. First let us review a brief lesson in washing your locks.

Cleaning Your Hair

  • Once a week shampoo and condition your hair thoroughly. Invest in a leave-in conditioner or deep conditioner that you can use in the shower or after washing your hair. This will preserve your lock’s natural shine and keep them healthy.
  • After you are done washing your locks, rinse out all of the soap from the shampoo and conditioner. Now gently dry your hair without rubbing hair strands aggressively against one another because that will result in breakage. Treating your hair with intensive care will preserve them for the weeks ahead.

Curly Hair Care for Your Virgin Indian Hair

While your hair is still damp, separate it into separate sections that are about 2-3” wide. Use a comb that is especially made for extensions or a wide tooth comb will suffice. Gently comb out each section of your hair in a downward motion, but don’t forget to apply a quality leave-in conditioner if you haven’t already done so. A curl activator solution is also suitable for your curly locks. Since your hair already is made with natural curl a product used sparingly will simply tame your tresses and result in more defined curls.

Allow your hair to dry the rest of the way naturally and do not scrunch your hair with your hands! To remind you, rubbing your hair against other strands will result in damaged hair. Your hair cuticles must be treated with excellent care so that breakage does not take place. Use your hands to gently run them through each section of your hair from the roots to the tips. This will help define curl and create body at the same time. If your hair is still wet even after separating the locks and allowing them to air dry, shake your hair back and forth to create a drying motion.

Remember, preventing frizz and hair damage is essential and that is why letting your hair dry naturally is important. A blow dryer will only cause breakage of hair cuticles and lead to dry and brittle hair. Also, a daily hair conditioner will remoisten any previously damaged hair and bring it back to life. Conditioner is pivotal but don’t over do it. There needs to be a happy medium of conditioner used in your hair so that a build up of product in your locks does not take place.

If your hair is extremely thick and takes forever to dry, set a blow dryer on a low heat and use a diffuser. Your curls will take form while the diffuser will help protect them from the heat. Over time using heat on your hair will continue to take its toll by drying out your hair and damaging your beautiful locks. No one desires split ends that look unattractive. You are also giving people around you the message that taking care of your health is not priority. Just like a body craves nutrients, so does your hair so treat them right, even when straightening.

Straighten your curl hair for another look besides just your natural curl. Don’t forget a deep conditioner or a light weight product that will protect your hair from the straightening iron. With curly extensions they will immediately come back after washing your hair once more. Effortlessly go back and forth between straight and curly hair as long as you don’t mind taking the extra precaution of protecting your hair with a sealant against the heat.

Curls are a versatile style that compliments a variety of outfits. You can head to a dinner with friends while wearing your fabulous curly extensions as well as many other outings or just relaxing at home. Choose to straighten them for a new hair style to have fun with during a concert as well. Remember to treat your hair with loving care and in return they will look shiny and healthy.

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Comment by Heather G. on Mon, Oct 10th, 2011 at 10:23 PM
Love this article, I just purchased Perfect Locks Curly hair and I needed to know this information! Thank you.
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