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Top FAQ’s at Perfect Locks

How much hair do I need to purchase for a full head?

We usually recommend you purchase 6 to 8 ounces for a full head for hair less than 22". Our hair is sold in 4 ounce packs, so 2 packs should be sufficient. It's always best to order 2 packs rather than one if you are going for a full installation, this ensures you have enough hair rather than not enough.

If you find that 6 ounces is enough, then you will have the leftover 2 ounces remaining for your next install or touch up. If you need to do another full install down the road, you will only need to buy 1 pack! Many of our repeat customers do this.

For hair longer than 22" you may need a third pack to achieve the look you are looking for. The hair will be longer but the width of the track will be shorter. You could always return the third pack if you don't need it, or save it for your next touch up!

How long does this hair last?

With proper installation and maintenance, our hair can last well over one year. We have many customers thanking us after 1 year or longer. Recently, we had a stylist from Sacramento that has been wearing her hair for over 2.5 years and still loves it! The hair will not last forever, but as you can see it can last a very, very long time if installed and maintained properly. The hair can also be taken out and reused for future installations..

It says you are out of stock of the product I'm looking for, what should I do?

We usually receive stock from our factory every 1 to 2 weeks. You can always check back or call us to check stock availability or if your interested in finding out the exact day we are receiving our stock. You can always place a Custom Order, these orders usually take 2 weeks, but we fulfill them immediately if the products are shipped with our regular stock shipments.

What's the difference between Hand Tied and Machine Wefts?

There are advantages to using both types of wefts. Hand Tied Wefts are tied in India by workers in our factory. They are known for their thinner track, which is virtually undetectable on your scalp. They also come pre-cut in 5 equal length strips. This makes it easier for your stylist to work with, since they don't have to cut and seal the tracks.

Machine Wefts are sewn using a sewing machine. They have a slightly thicker track, and are not pre-cut. They are one single long track which your stylist will have to cut, fold, and seal. If this is not done correctly, shedding can be the result. Machine wefts are known for their long lasting durability.

With that being said, we see most of our customers buying Machine Wefts. The many salons and stylists that purchase from us end up buying both about 50/50. The choice is ultimately up to you, but we recommend you consult the person doing your install before making any decisions.

Is your hair really natural, virgin, remy Indian hair?

Yes, we guarantee our hair is 100% Virgin Remy Indian human hair... imported directly from India. All of our hair is procured directly from the temples in India where the hair is donated. In fact, Perfect Locks, LLC. is an Indian owned company. The owners live in the United States and make regular trips to India to ensure operations and quality standards are up to specifications.

Can I color this hair?

It depends on the color you are looking for. If you purchase the Natural Straight, Wavy, or Curly which is completely unprocessed, you can color it to a lighter brown color. If you are going for a lighter blonde color, you would have to bleach the hair then dye it. We do not recommend you do this.

You can also place a Custom Order and leave the dying process to us. This can take around 2 weeks for us to fulfill. The special order gets sent to our factory in India, then shipped to us, then shipped to you. Click here to place a Custom Order.


What guarantee do you have that it doesn't tangle, shed or matte?

Our hair is cuticle Indian human hair. This means that before the weft is sewn, all the root ends of the hair are pointed in the same direction. This simulates the way the hair grows out of the scalp and prevents tangling and matting. There are other factors that can contribute to tangling and matting however. For example, installation and maintenance. If the weft is cut incorrectly and not sealed properly, there is a good chance the weft will shed. If the hair is not maintained properly by the customer, then matting and tangling is possible. Here are a few very important maintenance tips you should follow:


  • We recommend you moisturize and condition your hair at least once a week.
  • Never sleep on wet hair.
  • Brush and detangle the hair before applying shampoo
  • Dry hair by patting with a wet towel, do not rub your hair.

What can I expect with my virgin Indian hair?

Perfect Locks Indian human hair is Virgin Single Drawn hair that is completely natural and unprocessed. This means that each bundle comes from one single person. Indian women traditionally keep their hair very healthy, but you may see split ends just like the natural hair on a person's head. We do not trim the split ends. We leave this up to the customer, most people like the completely natural look with variations in the end, while others like to trim the base at an even length. Once the hair is donated to the temples we wash the hair with industrial shampoo to keep it very hygienic. After this deep cleaning the hair is then naturally dried by the suns rays.

When you receive the hair it may appear rough, this is because it is completely natural virgin Indian hair that is washed and sun dried. Once you use your quality shampoo and conditioner you will see the hair come to life. The proteins in your products will nourish the hair making it gorgeous and vibrant. Also remember, since this is a completely natural product from humans, there will be variations in textures of hair, whether it's straight wavy or curly. Once treated properly, these textures will be more defined and beautiful.

Also remember that this is not beauty supply hair. The beauty of our Indian hair products are not hidden by processed chemicals that make it look pretty in the package, then fall apart after a few months like beauty store hair. Some stylists will try to upsell you with their products that don't last, just like beauty supply hair. Our products will last you a long time if properly maintained, we have seen them reusable for over 2 years by reputable salons, stylist, and customers.

There are some very important things to remember when you receive and open your Indian hair from Perfect Locks
  1. This hair is washed with an industrial shampoo, then sun dried.
  2. This is completely virgin hair, unprocessed and treated with no products.
  3. The ends are left completely natural, there will be variations in length.
  4. Our straight, wavy, and curly hair is always measured when the hair is straight.
  5. Since the hair is not trimmed at the ends, there may be split ends.
  6. The hair comes to life when shampooed, conditioned, and deep conditioned.
  7. Our products will last you 1 to 2 years if properly installed and maintained.
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