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Successfully Installing Skin Weft Hair Extensions

Looking for hair extensions that look stunning and are undetected in your hair? Skin Wefted Indian Hair Extensions hardly can be seen in hair that looks gorgeous. Skin wefts are also referred as seamless wefts. If you’re wondering how exactly skin wefts work in your hair, well read on. They are easy to apply and stay in your hair up to eight weeks or more. Plus curly, wavy, and Straight Skin Weft Hair Extensions are available on our site.

Here’s what you will need to install the skin wefted Indian hair extensions:
You’ll Need: Skin Wefts, Comb, Hair Clips, Scissors, and Hair Glue

Now it’s time to read the following detailed Instructions:

1. Do you know where you’d like the hair weft installed?
The "red zone” is considered the top layer of hair. It obviously makes sense that you won’t be installing your weft here. This is how you properly install the weft: pull up the top section of your hair with your fingers. Look at the top part of your ears and use that as a guidance point of which section of hair to pull up. After pulling the hair up, clip it on top of your head. Now the top section of your hair is separate from the bottom part of your hair and remaining section of your hair.
2. Now that the top layer of hair is separated, separate a bottom layer too!
Through the installation process you will be working from the bottom up to the top of your hair. First find the bottom part of your scalp where the bottom section of your hair is. Once you’ve found it, separate a thin layer of hair 1 inch long. Don’t forget about the top section that you pinned up in step one. Make sure it doesn’t encounter the middle section of hair. Next locate a comb and using the comb, draw a horizontal line across the middle area. The weft will be placed in between the bottom layer that you just separated and the top layer. The place where you formed your horizontal line is where the weft will go.

3. Cut the weft to an appropriate size.
The polyurethane strip that attaches to your hair on your scalp is too long. Find the ideal length that measure up to the separated middle area. Measure or guess what the length is for the section of your hair that you separated for the weft installation. Another important note to remember: leave half an inch on both sides of the weft when installing.

4. Gently apply the glue to the hair weft.
Now apply the hair glue to the polyurethane strip. However, for installing skin wefts there is a suggested technique. Use a combination of Liquid Gold Super Bond glue and toupee tape to secure your weft. Set out the combination of tape and glue on a surface. Next place the weft that is cut to size on the flat surface as well. On the polyurethane strip, apply the Liquid Gold Super Bond glue and toupee tape to the surface. Both substances should be applied along the entire length of the strip to ensure that the weft will be secure in your hair.

5. Place the strip directly onto your scalp in the appropriate separated area.
Holding the strip on each side with your fingers, be careful not to get glue and tape on your skin. Place the strip that you are putting in your hair about a half inch in from the part. After the weft is in your hair, hold the center of the weft in place. Gently smooth down the rest of the strip and push your fingers on the strip for at least 10-15 seconds. That way the glue will set up correctly. As you hold the strip down with your fingers, apply an equal amount of pressure on all parts of the weft.

6. For each new weft, repeat step five until all of your hair wefts are secure.
There is one more thing to consider as you place your skin wefts in your hair: there are different ways to apply the skin weft hair extensions that will result in different hair looks. If length is important to you, apply the wefts an inch apart. The inch space results in a layered look that will look stunning. Volume also may be important to you and to achieve a lot of volume apply a weft every 2 to 4 inches. If you have a lot of hair wefts dispersed in the separated section on your scalp, your hair will have plenty of volume!

7. Let the glue set and give it ample time to dry.
It’s important to let the glue dry because if you don’t your wefts will come out. After all of your work, be patient as they dry. Gift the wefts in between 10-15 hours to dry before having fun with your new hair style. Also remember that you can’t brush your hair while the wefts are drying. Once the wefts have dried, now you can brush and style your hair. They will now last up to 8 weeks. So that they last for a long time, brush your hair gently, wash your hair regularly, and don’t yank on your hair! Perfect locks require extra love and care.

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