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Length Variations in Single Drawn Indian Hair Extensions

Let us first understand the basic purpose of hair extensions. The reason why you may be probably looking around for hair extensions is because you want to add volume to your hair or you want to add length to your short hair without waiting for it to grow. You may have your own reasons, but the basic purpose is to get that natural look of dreamy perfect locks associated with natural hair.

To get the natural look, it is necessary that regardless of the application method, you ensure that the hair extension you choose is made from natural hair, preferably Indian hair, as it is considered to be the best in the industry.

That brings us to single drawn Indian hair extensions.

Hair extensions are made from two types of Indian hair depending on how it was taken from a donor. It may be double drawn or single drawn Indian hair.

Single Drawn Indian Hair

A hair weave or weft made from single drawn Indian hair has hair sewn exactly as it was taken from a donor. Since hair naturally grows in varying lengths, there are bound to be length variations in the hair extensions as well because it is not cut into equal lengths. This is also why single drawn hair gives the weave a perfectly natural look that you want from hair extensions. We at Perfect Locks only sell Single Drawn hair, double drawn hair is much, much more expensive than Single Drawn hair. Besides, many customers like the natural variation in length.

Double Drawn Indian Hair

Double drawn refers to a weave in which hair has been cut into equal lengths. Double drawn hair weaves are obviously expensive because of the extra labor involved in sorting, but it ranks as the second best unless you are actually looking for exactly this type of hair extension.

Regardless of whether you choose double or single drawn hair, the best quality hair extensions are of those that are made from Indian hair. Indian hair is inherently thick and strong. Moreover, Indian women usually use only natural oils and natural products such as yogurt and lemon juice to treat their hair. The absence of any chemical treatment makes Indian hair all the more better for achieving that all-natural look.

You may wonder how so much single drawn Indian hair is available in the market. The reason is not difficult to pinpoint. A vast majority of Indian hair for making hair extensions comes from temples where women donate hair as a goodwill gesture to god. Tradition has it that hair should be cut right from the roots, which allows donated hair to be collected with intact cuticles, all facing in the same direction.

It need not be emphasized that natural hair extensions give a near-natural look to your hair and last longer than synthetic hair made from nylon and polyester. However, it must also be kept in mind that hair extensions simply add thickness and length to your hair. Since they are not attached to your scalp, hair extensions do not get the nourishment and natural oils that your own hair gets naturally from your body. This makes it necessary that you know the hair care products that are best for maintaining hair extensions.

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