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How to Safely Color Your Hair Extensions

An easy way to add length and volume to your hair and change your look is to use hair extensions. In fact, that is one of the major reasons for their growing popularity. However, hair extensions can be expensive, and there is also a limitation to available colors. The encouraging part is that if you buy the right type, you can safely color your hair extensions.

If you want to color your hair extensions, make sure that you buy only those that are made from natural hair. Synthetic hair cannot be dyed as it is made from nylon or polyester. Human hair can be dyed pretty much the same way you dye your own hair, which means that the process is not only similar, but that you can also use different types of hair color for dyeing.  

If you buy a box of color from a drugstore, it will include all the things that you need- including a developer applicator bottle and a pair of gloves. Some high-end hair color products also come with a small bottle or pouch of conditioner. However, if you buy a special product from a beauty boutique, you will have to buy these separately.

1.     You may have some experience in dyeing your hair, but you still need to test a strand of the hair extension before you start the dye job. This is because the hair used in the extension may react differently. Take a small group of strands of the hair extension and clip it to separate it from the rest of hair. Mix half a spoon of dye and half a spoon of developer application and apply the mixture with gloves on. Wait for some time as specified in the instructions that come with the bottle and rinse the hair to see the effect.

2.     Before you start to color your hair extension, the first thing you need to do is to comb through it and get it untangled. Pay particular importance to this because even a small tangle will result in uneven coloring of that portion of the hair extension and will look odd when you wear it. Shampoo the hair extension to remove styling products (if any) and let it dry on a towel. Use an old towel, as this one is going to get stained when you are through.

3.     With your gloves on, mix the hair dye and the developer. The right way to do this is to transfer the dye into the developer bottle and shake it vigorously.

4.     Apply hair color to the hair extension, making sure that you apply it to every single strand of hair. Put the hair extension on the towel and let it dry. It is crucial that you read the instructions and see how much time you should give for the mixture to dry and the color to get absorbed.

5.     Use warm water and rinse thoroughly to remove the hair color. Apply conditioner and let it remain for three minutes before you rinse again.

6.     Use a wide-toothed comb to gently untangle the extension while it is still wet.

As long as you are sure that you bought virgin natural hair, you can safely color your hair extensions, including bulk hair, sew ins, and clip ons. 

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