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How to Maintain Fusion Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have proved to be a boon for women born with problem hair or hair disorders. There is a wide range of hair extensions available today, allowing women to have the long, curly locks they have always dreamed of.

Hair extensions allow you to change your appearance without having to cut your hair or wait for your hair to grow. However, before you even think of going to a stylist, it is crucial that you know how long each of them lasts. Individual strand or fusion hair extensions are one of the more permanent methods that offer the same styling options that you have with your own natural hair; you can wear a ponytail or tie up your hair on the top without having to worry about something untoward showing.

The longevity of fusion hair extensions depends largely on the type of hair used. For example, natural hair lasts longer than synthetic hair. Unprocessed virgin Indian hair is the best quality hair extension you can buy. It will generally last for up to six months. However, depending on the thickness of hair and how careful you are in treating your hair, fusion hair extensionsmay even last for up to a year.

If you nurture hair extensions as if they were your own hair, you can expect them to look good, but if you neglect them, you are likely to be disappointed. Here are some tips that you may find useful for maintaining hair extensions-

-       Hair extensions require gentle care. That means you must only high quality combs and brushes. Use only wide toothed combs and soft bristle brushes. Start brushing from the ends and then work upwards. Never yank or pull hair extensions while combing or brushing to avoid extracting them.

-       Just as you use gentle shampoos for your own hair, use only quality hair care products for your hair extensions as well. Wash them as often as you would your own hair. 

-       Choose moisturizing conditioners and use them every third day. The idea is to keep the hair extensions moist because if they remain dry for long, they tend to become ratty and form split ends.

-       Even though virgin Indian hair lends well to heat treatment, take care before you apply any heat. It is better to use ceramic or ionic irons on hair extensions.

-       Clean your scalp every week to prevent accumulation of bacteria in the hair extensions, which can cause damage to both your natural hair, as well as hair extensions.

Fusion hair extensions are best installed by a stylist. Remember that hair extensions are not connected to your scalp and do not receive the nutrients and oils that your natural hair receives. Therefore, it is incumbent on you to take proper care and use only high quality styling products that do not cause damage to your costly investment. At the same time, avoid over-processing hair extensions. Do not color hair extensions too often and avoid using harsh chemicals. Take good care of your hair extensions, and you will see your style last longer and look more natural.

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