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How to Install Bulk Hair for Braiding

Hair extensions or bulk hair, which are methods of adding commercial hair to natural hair, have been around for a long time, but things have changed now with the emergence of new technologies. If installed properly and with due care, it is now almost impossible to tell real hair from fake hair.

Hair extensions may be tied to fine bands of thread called wefts, which may be tied by hand or machine. Due to the involvement of human labor, hand tied hair extensions are more expensive than machine tied. However, for strand bonding and braiding, you need loose or bulk hair that comes without a weft.

Hair extensions can create longer and fuller hair and change the way you look. These are semi permanent and can be customized to suit your style and color preference. You can even get virgin Indian bulk hair for braiding. Bulk hair is loose hair, either artificial or human, that comes without a weft.

To install bulk hair for braiding, you need to first choose between two hair types- artificial hair or human. Virgin Indian hair is the highest quality of human hair and with proper care, will last up to one year. In contrast, artificial hair lasts only for a couple of months, requires very little care, and may not withstand heat tools as it tends to melt on heating.

Bulk hair for braiding is applied to small sections of hair so as to create less bulk and give your hair a natural look. You can learn how to install bulk hair for braiding at home in seven easy steps-

1.     Part small sections of hair using a rat tail comb.

2.     Take a piece of bulk hair no bigger than the sections you have created in your natural hair, and fold in half to make a loop.

3.     Take the loop over one section of your natural hair. You now have three strands, two of bulk hair and one strand of your natural hair in the centre.

4.     Braid the hair till you are left with only two strands of bulk hair.

5.     Now, split one strand into half to create a third strand. Braid till you reach the end of the hair.

6.     Use a lighter to burn the end of the hair. Seal the burned end by rolling it between your fingers.

7.     Repeat till the all the sections are braided.

The same process can be done by a hair stylist using formulated adhesive glue. The glue used to install bulk hair for braiding is a special keratin-based adhesive that can last up to 6 months. The life of the adhesive can be extended if you avoid the use of oily shampoos and conditioners.

Hair extensions can be installed without the use of glue as well. Hair strands can be attached to your natural hair with the aid of micro-cylinders. This is a time consuming method but does not damage your natural hair. It is also easy to remove and your hair stylist can do it quickly and easily. The bottom line however, is to use natural and virgin human hair, preferably Indian human hair, which is the best as the cuticle is intact.

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