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All About Steam Permed Indian Remy Hair

Women with curly hair often face a problem with hair extensions. Hair extensions that are curly enough to match their hair are difficult to find. The encouraging part is that it is now possible to buy stream permed Indian remy hair that matches your natural hair. Alternatively, you can also get hair extensions and try to create perms on your own.

A perm, short for permanent wave, is a hairstyle with a wave created in the hair with the use of chemicals to break and reform the bonds of hair. Washed hair is wrapped in perm rods, and a waving lotion is applied with a base so as to start a chemical reaction for softening the inner structure of hair. The hair softens and then molds around the shape of the perm rod. Perms make your hair soft, add fullness, and give a bounce to your hair to allow for a new, swanky look. Heat is required for speeding up the waving process, but it is equally important to avoid overheating. It takes more than two hours to perm your hair, and the perm settles down after 24 hours and lasts for 3 to five months.

The process of perming hair extensions is similar to the process of perming your natural hair. However, you should know that you can perm only natural human hair extensions. It is advisable that you use only Indian remy hair because this type of hair is versatile and lends well to perming.

    The first step is to choose a perm solution. This is important because difference perm solutions have various effects. An alkaline solution is ideal for tight curls, and an acid-balanced solution should be used for softer curls with a lot of fullness.  

       Take a crème conditioner and apply it to the hair extensions.

    Take out the home permanent solution kit. Read the instructions that came with it and mix and apply the solution to the hair extensions as directed therein. Make sure that you put on your gloves that come with the kit before you handle the permanent solution since it contains chemicals that can irritate your skin.

       Without stretching the hair too tightly, wrap the extensions around the hair rollers.

       Use warm water to rinse out the permanent solution completely.

       Now take out the base or the neutralizer solution that came with the kit. Apply directly to the hair extensions.

       Wait for 5-10 minutes till the curl takes hold. Remove the rollers and rinse with cold water to remove the base solution from each hair extension. 

However, if you have not already bought a hair extension or if you do not mind buying another set, you can get ready to install steam permed Indian remy hair extensions. This may require extra effort, but you can expect to find hair extensions that match the color, texture, and curl pattern of your natural hair. Moreover, steam permed Indian remy hairis a better option if your hair is dark in color because any permanent solution with hydrogen peroxide in it can result in reddish streaks in the hair extensions.

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