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    Common Questions

    Hair Extension Types

    • What is the differance between a Machine Weft and Hand Tied Weft?

           The weft type you choose for your hair extension installation is very important. There are two types of wefts available at Perfect Locks - Machine Wefts and Hand-Tied Wefts. Your choice should depend on what is convenient and personal preference for both you and also your stylist. Weigh your options properly before you make a choice. Both our Hand-Tied and Machine Wefts are extremely durable and can be re-used over and over again.

      Machine Wefts -

           Machine wefts tend to be the more common weft type used due to the ease and durability of working with the track. This is ideal for stylists who are not as familiar with working with hand-tied wefts since hand tied wefts need to be sewn in using specific techniques. These wefts are easier to put in as the stylist can simply start on one end, sew in the weft, and then cut it at the end of the track. The track can be cut without unraveling. Machine wefts also work well when using clip-on wefts, or when bonding the hair to the scalp. Machine wefts are one continuous track that your stylist can cut according to the length you need. The length of the track varies based on the length and texture of the hair. The ability to cut the track allows for more options when installing tracks of different lengths to create hairstyles. Machine wefts are slightly thicker compared to hand-tied wefts, but a bulge is rarely noticeable. 

           One typical downside to Machine Wefts can be the shedding of hair. Perfect Locks reinforces the track by applying an additional sealing treatment to the weft. This service would normally cost $25+ at a salon. If cutting the track to create different sizes, it is not required, but always a great precaution to seal the cut end to ensure additional security of the weft from any shedding.

           Our machine wefted Virgin Indian Hair Extensions are made by skilled workers at our factory in India. They are sewn using a special sewing machine specifically designed for stitching wefts. Raw Virgin Indian Hair is used, and 3 people are required: 1 person who takes the bulk hair and starts sewing the track, the middle person keeps the hair free from tangling, and a third person to tidy up the track at the end. The quality of the hair and the track are equally the same with both hand-tied and machine wefts. 

            A good stylist can manage to make machine wefts look very natural regardless of how thick the track is. Machine wefts are easy to manipulate, and you don't have to be as careful when cutting them. You can even cut them from the top. This makes them a good choice giving you less margin for error during a hair installation, since they don't require as much skill as hand-tied Wefts.


      Hand-Tied Wefts -  

           Hand-tied wefts are thinner and more flexible than machine-tied wefts. The weft is flatter allowing it to lay closer to the head giving a virtually undetectable natural look. The weft is flexible so it will not stick out or cause lumpy areas around the crown. They're built to be thin so they'll blend in nicely with your natural hair. As your hair underneath grows, the flexibility of hand-tied wefts helps to keep the weft from sticking out from the new growth. If you run your fingers through your hair, you may not even notice the track...Now that's a beautiful thing!

           Hand-tied wefts are sewn and tied together meticulously by hand, using a strong piece of weaving thread. If they're done properly, hand-tied wefts can actually last a very long time. However, since they're harder to make and they take longer time to complete, they usually cost a bit more. Our Indian Hair Hand-tied Wefts at Perfect Locks are pre-cut into shorter individual tracks, making it easy for your stylist to work with them. They don't have to cut them, no shedding allowed here! Hand-tied wefts are not sealed so it is crucial to seal the weft if it is cut. A pre-sealing of the entire weft prior to install is not required, but will always help minimize shedding if desired to do so.

           Special care should be taken for hand-tied wefts especially if you're going to cut the track. Instead of cutting the track, just turn the track around to the next row and keep sewing. When you reach the end you can cut the track, just be sure it's sealed with a good fabric or nail glue. Hand-tied wefts will unravel and shed when cut from the top, make sure your stylist knows this so it won't be much of a problem. 

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    • What is Virgin Indian Hair?

           Virgin hair simply means that the hair is completely natural and unprocessed without any chemicals (such as chemical perms, relaxing agents, or coloring dyes). Since the hair is completely natural, there has been no damage to the cuticles or the true structure of the hair (including its color and texture). The hair's cuticle layer actually protects the hair, and provides a natural luster as hair naturally appears growing from the scalp. Keeping the hair cuticles aligned and running in the same direction help to prevent tangling and matting. This is very important when it comes to hair extensions, because you want a quality install that will last you as long as possible. Each bundle of Virgin Indian Hair is coming directly from one persons head, this ensures that varying cuticles and textures are not being mixed with other types of hair. This is also known as, Single Drawn hair. Being that all of our Virgin Indian Hair bundles are single drawn, you will see the natural gradations in length as if it is growing from your own scalp giving it a much more natural look. The ends will have a natural tapered look, as opposed to a blunt cut. Virgin hair is considered the best quality of hair, which is known to last for 1-2 years with proper care and installation. Virgin Hair also offers the most versatility when it comes to coloring and styling.

           Most hair that you find in beauty supply stores is not 100% Virgin hair, or Single Drawn for that matter. It may look perfect in the package, but when you start using it only lasts a couple of months at best. They enhance the hair by over processing with chemicals, or collecting strands/clippings from multiple donors and processing it all to appear the same texture. During this process it actually rips the hair’s cuticle from each strand causing permanent damage, which greatly reduces the longevity of the hair. All of Perfect Locks Virgin Indian hair is not treated with any chemicals or processing, making it true Virgin Indian hair. Many of our customers keep coming back to us because our hair has a lifespan of up to 1-2 years with proper care. Your Virgin Indian Hair is considered to be an investment, and the better you properly treat and maintain the hair, you will then reap all of the benefits of pure organic Virgin Indian Hair.

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    • What is Remy Indian Hair?

           Remy Hair is 100% Human Hair which cuticle remains intact and aligned in the same direction from root to end. Keep in mind, Remy does not always mean Virgin. Most Remy Hair has gone through some sort of processing in some way, whether to achieve its texture and/or color you see. This is considered to be one of the highest grades of hair other than Virgin Indian Hair. Some companies process their hair differently than others. This difference in processing will greatly affect the longevity of the hairs lifespan. Our Remy Indian Hair will last up to 1-2 years with proper care and maintenance. Our Remy Indian Hair just like our Virgin Indian hair is single drawn, meaning one bundle is coming directly from one sources head, ensuring the cuticles are all running in the same direction. 

           Perfect Locks offers two different types of Remy Indian Hair. Even though both of these types of hair start out as Virgin Indian Hair, since it has gone through a process of some kind it is no longer considered Virgin.

      Steam Permed Hair- This is Virgin Indian Hair that has gone through a chemical-free steam perming process to achieve a variety of wave and curl patterns.

      Colored Indian Hair - This is Virgin Indian Hair that has gone through a gentle 2-day coloring process to achieve a range of beautiful colors. 

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    • What is Steam Permed Hair?

           Our Steam Permed Hair offers a wide range of textures to choose from whether you are looking for Straight, Wavy or Curly. This collection offers more texture variation than the Virgin Indian Hair textures.

           Steam Permed Hair is Virgin Indian Hair that has gone through a chemical-free steam perming process to achieve its texture. The hair is set on aluminum rods and is then treated with a series of water and vapor to steam perm the hair into its new enhanced wave or curl pattern. The steam opens up the cuticle layer of the hair, allowing the hair to become flexible and set around the rod it is placed around. There is no chemical used in this process.

           Being that this hair is permed without any chemicals, this texture may loosen slightly overtime, especially if excessive heat tools are used on the hair when styling. You still have the ability to style with heat tools, however you will want to limit the amount of heat used. Steam Permed hair is very much designed to be your wash and go sort of texture. This hair will naturally dry with more of a defined wave or curl pattern to it than that of the Virgin Indian Hair. It also may require less maintenance and styling product when styling in its natural pattern.

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    • What is Colored Indian Hair?

           Perfect Locks offers a range of popular colors available in many of our Collections. These colors are great for matching to your existing hair color, or intermixing into your style to add a pop of color.

           Colored Indian Hair is our Virgin Indian Hair that has gone through a coloring process. Our coloring process is a gentle 2-day permanent coloring treatment, which keeps the cuticle on the hair intact and allows a long lasting beautiful color from root to end. With proper care and maintenance this hair will last for up to 1 year of wear. Due to the coloring processes of our Colored Indian Hair the tint will not fade. 

           This hair has gone through a coloring process, for some of the lighter shades it has gone through a pre-bleaching process. For this reason, we do not recommend coloring over hair that has already been colored. 

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    Indian Hair FAQ

    • Where does the hair come from?

      Most people wonder how so much hair comes from India. Do people just sell their hair or is the hair taken from dead people? Yes, it can be surprising how so much hair comes from India, but there is an interesting and meaningful history to Indian hair

      Our guaranteed 100% pure Indian hair comes hand selected directly from the biggest temple in Tirupati, India. Everyday thousands of Hindus including men, women, and children gather in religious places like temples to pray to God and sacrifice their hair. Temples have tonsure rooms where devotees sit in rows and get their hair skillfully shaved by people appointed by the temple. The whole process is done in a clean hygienic environment using disposable razors. The hair is then collected and kept aside for auction. Only affluent people take part in the auction of the hair from the temples as the hair has to be bought in bulk and can literally cost millions of dollars. The hair in these auctions is usually sold by multiple tons.

      Th money which is profited in these auctions goes back into the temple and communities in the surrounding areas. This also provides jobs at local factories where the hair goes through futher refinement processing and inspection to select the finest hair for production. 

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    • Single Drawn Indian Hair

           Hair extensions are made from two types of Indian hair depending on how it was taken from a donor. It may be double drawn or single drawn Indian hair. We at Perfect Locks only sell Single Drawn hair; double drawn hair is much, much more expensive than Single Drawn hair and does not create as natural of an effect.

           Regardless of whether you choose double or single drawn hair, the best quality hair extensions are of those that are made from Indian hair. Indian hair is inherently thick and strong. Moreover, Indian women usually use only natural oils and natural products such as yogurt and lemon juice to treat their hair. The absence of any chemical treatment makes Indian hair all the more better for achieving that all-natural look.

           You may wonder how so much single drawn Indian hair is available in the market. The reason is not difficult to pinpoint. A vast majority of Indian hair for making hair extensions comes from temples where women donate hair as a goodwill gesture to God. Tradition has it that hair should be cut right from the roots, which allows donated hair to be collected with intact cuticles, all facing in the same direction.

           It need not be emphasized that human hair extensions give a near-natural look to your hair and last longer than synthetic hair made from nylon and polyester. However, it must also be kept in mind that hair extensions simply add thickness and length to your hair. Since they are not attached to your scalp, hair extensions do not get the nourishment and natural oils that your own hair gets naturally from your body. This makes it necessary that you know the hair care products that are best for maintaining hair extensions.

      Single Drawn Indian Hair

      A hair weft or bundle made from single drawn Indian hair has hair sewn exactly as it was taken from a donor. Since hair naturally grows in varying lengths, there are bound to be length variations in the hair extensions as well because it is not cut into equal lengths. This creates a naturally tapered effect at the ends of the hair. This is also why single drawn hair gives the weave a perfectly natural look that you want from hair extensions. 

      Double Drawn Indian Hair

      Double drawn refers to a hair weft or bundle in which hair has been cut into all equal lengths. This will create a blunt heavy effect at the ends of the hair. Double drawn hair weaves are obviously expensive because of the extra labor involved in sorting, but it ranks as the second best unless you are actually looking for exactly this type of hair extension.


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    Extension Installation Methods

    • Sew-In Weave

           You may choose to do a full head installation leaving minimal natural hair out, or choose to do a partial sew-in placing tracks specifically to increase the length and or volume of your natural hair leaving a good portion of your own hair to cover over the wefts. Your stylist will first braid your hair into cornrows placed accordingly to your desired style and stylist's preferred foundation techniques. The weft of the extensions is then sewn onto the cornrows. Starting at the bottom near the nape, the weft is sewn in, working up toward the top of the crown. *When sewing on the weft it is important to sew around the weft, rather than through the weft as to not puncture the weft at all. *  

           Sew-in weave extensions may sound simple, but it takes skill and experience to get the style to look natural and give care-free wear from day to day. It is important that the stylist create a look that makes it look seamless and natural. It is also crucial the sew-in technique is properly done to minimize shedding and tangling or matting problems at the base (weft) area. For that natural look when weaving extensions, whether it is for added length, volume, or change of style it is equally important to use good quality natural looking hair. All Perfect Locks machine wefted or hand-tied wefted Indian hair will suit this install perfectly.

           One of our most commonly asked questions is "how much hair do I need to buy for a full weave?" There are a couple of things you should know about our virgin Indian hair. The quantity of each bundle of hair is measured by weight. All of our bundles regardless of length are at least 100 grams each (approx. 4 oz.). Virgin Indian hair also has natural variation at the ends, which may cause the bundle of hair to look thinned out or tapered at the ends. Most customers prefer this because it makes the hair look more natural and pure. 

           Now for our recommendations…For full head installs 2 packs are recommended if choosing a length 18 inches or less. For lengths longer than 18 inches we recommend a third pack for fullness. The longer the length of hair, the shorter the width of the track end to end, this means you will need more hair for more coverage for more volume and fullness. If in doubt, always get a third pack for safe measure, it's better to have a little extra rather than not enough during your hair appointment. Whatever you don't use you can save for your next install or a touch up down the road. Please keep in mind that our curly hair is naturally much thicker than straight or wavy hair. This means you may not need as much hair for a full look. 

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    • Bulk Hair for Braiding

           Bulk hair is loose hair that is used for braiding and many other hair extension techniques. Bulk hair comes in a bundle as loose strands not attached to a weft of any kind. These free strands are then used for braiding techniques as well as a variety of fusion or bonding techniques. Perfect Locks bulk hair is single drawn Virgin Indian hair, meaning each bundle is coming from one donors head with natural gradations in lengths as it naturally grows from the scalp. This hair has never been treated or processed in any way, keeping the cuticle aligned and intact from root to end. Being that the hair is not attached to a weft, it is very important that when your stylist is working with the hair all strands must remain in the same position from root to end. If any strands become inverted or flipped around facing the opposite way, the natural cuticle on the hair will lock up and cause excessive tangling. 

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    • Fusion Extensions

           Fusion extensions are a great installation method offering a variety of purposes, results and versatility. Fusions are a strand-by-strand installation, allowing the most movement possible within hair extensions. Fusions can be used to add volume, add length, or for adding color/highlights to your look rather than having to chemically color your own hair. Your natural hair remains exposed, and each fusion strand is attached to a strand of your natural hair. There are two main types of fusion methods; hot fusion and cold fusion. Perfect Locks offers two types of fusions within our Fuze Collection to suit these methods; U-Tips and I-Tips. U-Tips are designed for a hot fusion and I-Tips are designed for a cold fusion. Both methods last in the hair for up to three to five months with skilled installation and proper care. If installed and placed properly, the attachment site should be virtually invisible. Care and maintenance, as with any type of extensions, is crucial with fusions to get the longest lifespan out of your installation. 

      U-Tip Hot Fusion-

      itips fusion hair

           U-Tips are bonded to the hair by the use of a hot iron extension plier to adhere the U-shaped bond to a strand of the natural hair. The U-shaped tip allows the bond to completely enclose around the section of hair and is then skillfully rolled into a smooth undetectable bond. Perfect Locks U-Tips are constructed of a high grade Italian keratin bond at the U-shaped tip. This leads to a healthier bond for the hair. Our U-Tip fusion hair is available in virgin Indian 1B hair. Currently we do not carry colored U-Tips, however since the hair is virgin and natural it can be colored darker or lighter if desired. 


      I-Tip Cold Fusion-

         Cold fusions have become a great alternative to the traditional hot fusion method originally introduced to the hair industry. Cold fusions allow each strand to bond to the hair without any use of heat or glue to the natural hair, hence the term 'cold fusion'. This method is great for offering a gentle installation for fragile or compromised natural hair. I-Tips are attached to the hair with the use of a micro-bead or link. The I-Tip strand and a strand of your natural hair are looped into the bead or link, and is then closed shut with extension pliers. Perfect Locks I-Tips come available in virgin Indian 1B, as well as a variety of colored Indian hair. When choosing the color of your micro-beads to use with I-Tips, you will want to choose the same color or level of darkness as your root color to give an undetectable bond area. Keep in mind, with finer or silkier hair textures this installation may not last in the hair quite as long since there is no heat involved.

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    • Closures & Frontals

           Closures and Frontals are a great way to complete a full head extension installation, or can be used alone as a solution to a problem area or thinness of your natural hair. The type of Closure or Frontal you go with will depend on the type of application/install method is preferred as well as how much coverage is desired. Closures and Frontals can be installed by sewing in, glue bonding or clip-in. Typically Closures 'enclose' your natural hair, leaving no hair out. However, again depending on what type of closure you go with you can choose to leave a little hair out if desired. You can also either place it directly on your hairline, or place it with a small perimeter of your natural hair out to cover over.

           A Closure is placed in the 'horseshoe' area at the top of the weave, over your part line to finish off the style. Or it can be used alone on top to give coverage for any natural thinning at the part/crown area. The type of Closure you choose will depend on the type of install method you are using; such as sew-in, glue/tape bonding, or clip-in. If sewing in, you may choose to bond just the front hairline for a more secure seamless natural hairline. A Swiss Lace or Silk Based Closure generally suits a sew-in or clip-in method very well. A Skin Based Closure generally suits a glue-in or bonded method. Due to the solid polyurethane material of the Skin Based Closure it may be a little harder to manipulate as a sew-in, however it can be done. All of our Closures allow for a freestyle parting and natural baby hair at the hairline. 

           Frontals cover a larger area, creating coverage for the entire front hairline that spans from temple to temple. Frontals may also be referred to sometimes as a 'Half Wig' or 'Lace Front'. We offer our Lace Frontal, which is a U-shape, covering ear-to-ear and back to the top of the crown. The Swiss Lace material allows for the most breathability and flexibility allowing the frontal to fit to the natural curve of the head very well. Our Lace Frontals offer a freestyle parting and natural baby hair all along the hairline.

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    • Micro Loop Weave

           Micro loop weaves are a safe alternative to a traditional sew-in weave. Silicone lined micro rings come pre-installed on a machine wefted track. This method is much quicker than strand-by-strand fusions or sew-in weaves. This method is also one of the safest being that no heat, braiding, or sewing is needed!  Small strands of your natural hair are looped through the micro rings on the weft, and then attached using hair extension pliers. When ready to remove, the beads are opened and your natural hair will slide out easily without any breakage or stress. You may choose to do only a couple of tracks for volume, or a full head installation for extending your natural length. The weft can be reused, however fresh beads will need to be installed. This method is similar to the I-Tip cold fusion installation method. However, being that larger wefts are installed this will allow more coverage. One install will last in the hair for about 4-8 weeks, depending on your hair's natural texture.

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    • Tape Hair Extensions

           Tape Hair extensions are seamless way of adding volume and length to your natural hair. The flexible bond of the Tape hair is placed at the root area of a thin section of your natural hair, and then "sandwiched" with another piece creating a natural look without any bumps or ridges. You can perform this install method with or without heat. If you would prefer a longer lasting hold you may choose to use low heat of a flat iron to seal the tape hair together. They can be easily removed with a hair adhesive remover. 

           Perfect Locks Tape Hair come ready to go with our specially designed tape adhesive to allow for maximum hold and flexibility. When re-using your tape hair you will need to install fresh tape at the bond area, once removing any old residue or adhesive. With proper care, they can last in the hair for 6-8 weeks, and may be reinstalled 2-3 times using a double-sided hair extension tape. It is highly recommended to have a skilled professional perform the Tape Hair installation to ensure proper sectioning and placement for a flawless result.

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    • Skin Wefted Hair

           Skin Wefts are hand made with hair hand knotted on a very thin mono-mesh base that has a polyurethane coating. They are called skin wefts or seamless wefts because they are invisible without seams and blend in to match your scalp. Skin Wefts are similar to Tape Hair however there are some specific differences. 

           Skin Wefts can either be "sandwiched" together on a thin section of your natural hair, or placed separately one row at a time. Skin Weft are slightly thicker than tape hair once "sandwiched" together, however because of the polyurethane lined weft it simulates the natural appearance of the scalp. For this reason skin wefts can be placed closer to your parting or hairline. Perfect Locks Skin Wefted Hair come as one 15" long weft, which you can then cut to customize size. Just use any hair extension glue or tape on the inner surface of the strip and apply them on to the root of your own hair. They can be easily removed with any hair adhesive remover. They look natural without any noticeable bumps. These are easy, fast and safe method to add hair extensions.

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    • Clip On Hair Extensions

           Clip On Extensions are one of the most popular "do it yourself" quick and easy extension methods. You can get instant length and volume without any long-term commitment, or without spending excessive time and money in a salon for the installation. Perfect Locks offers quite a few options when it comes to clip on's.

      Clip On Sets
            This would be the most traditional option when it comes to clip on's. Our clip on sets come in multiple sized clips and wefts allowing for a personalized fit to the look you are going for. A clip on set will give you the most versatility in styling and shaping your overall look. This may be a good option if you prefer to wear your hair in multiple styles, creative up-dos, or higher ponytails.

            Perfect Locks Volumizer has become one of the most popular clip on methods due to the ease and wearability of the unit. A Volumizer is the quickest form of clip on's when it comes to adding length and/or volume. This piece allows for the most coverage with the least amount of clips involved. The Volumizer has 4 clips at the top attaching around from temple to temple, and has 2 clips at the bottom to secure at the nape area. Your natural hair will lie over the weft at the crown and sides. The U-shape of the base has integration holes throughout, allowing you to pull strands of your natural hair through to create a blend and soft layering effect, as well as keeping the piece breathable and comfortable. The Voumizer is one fixed size, so it may not suit multiple hairstyles worn up. It will still work great with a low ponytail, braid or side braid.

      Clip On Bangs
            What better way to change up your look instantly than with clip on bangs. Perfect Locks offers two styles, giving two unique looks to your hairstyle with out the commitment of cutting your own hair. Our traditional Clip On Bangs, have a small secure clip at the top to discretely blend the attachment area. These bangs can either be worn side swept, or styled straight down. Our Front and Side Bangs offer a full front fringe with side face framing layers. This piece has three clips to securely attach to the top. This style adds a great finishing touch to any existing hairstyle either up or down.

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    Hair Care & Maintanance

    • How do I care for my Indian hair extensions?

           Caring for your Indian hair investment is key to getting the longest lifespan and beauty out of your new hair! We recommend shampooing and conditioning the hair at least once per week, using a professional grade sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner (if you have Clip-On extensions this will be about every fourth wear). Unlike your natural hair, which is attached to a living follicle that is receiving nutrients from your body such as vitamins and minerals, your extensions do not. Since the hair is no longer attached to a live root, properly cleansing and conditioning your extensions is crucial. If the hair is overly shampooed (more than 3-4 times a week), this will lead to over drying of the hair. If under shampooed (less than once a week), this will lead to buildup, which can cause tangling and matting. Co-washing is not recommended. Although co-washing can be great on your natural hair, it is not suited for extensions. The use of a leave-in conditioner after shampooing and conditioning is recommended for all hair extension types. This will help keep the hair hydrated between shampoos and keep the cuticle layer of the hair lying smooth. When doing any sort of heat styling (i.e., blowdrying, curling, flat ironing, etc.) the use of a thermal protecting product is important to keep the hair safe from any heat damage.

           Our Vital Hair Care line has been specifically designed and formulated for all Perfect Locks hair. We highly encourage all of our customers to maintain their hair with the use of this product. Many other drugstore products can either leave buildup on the hair, or strip the hair causing dryness. Since all Perfect Locks hair extensions are 100% human hair they will react to product the same way our natural hair does. We've all had the struggle of finding the perfect product that suites our natural hair's texture, density, problem areas, etc. For this reason, we had to develop a Vital Hair Care line that would maintain your Perfect Locks hair with the safest and most effective ingredients for the best results possible. 

           Once receiving your new Perfect Locks extensions we recommend shampooing and conditioning the hair prior to installation. Being that the hair goes through a shipping process within an air tight sealed packaging, it can often times distort the hair's true texture. This will ensure the hair is prepped and ready for wear, as well as making you confident you are happy with the hair texture and quality prior to installation. Once the hair is installed and used we are unable to issue a return or exchange on any item for hygienic regulations. 

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    • How to properly shampoo and condition your extensions.

           Learning how to properly shampoo and condition your extensions may sound like a minor detail; however this will greatly affect the overall result of your finished look and maintaining the quality of your hair. We recommend maintaining your hair with our Vital Hair Care line, which has been formulated for our hair and has proven to be safe and effective in preserving the longevity of the hair. 

      virgin hair care video

      For any type of sew in, bonded or fusion extensions

      • Before shampooing, gently brush out any tangles with an extension loop brush will placing one hand at your root area to prevent any pulling at the root or bond area.
      • Completely wet the hair with lukewarm water, apply your shampoo starting at the root area and gently massaging the shampoo downwards towards the ends. **Never aggressively scrub the hair in circular motions, pile on top of the head, or shampoo upside down; this can cause tangling. ** Once the shampoo is completely worked through the hair from root to end rinse clear with warm water (this will open the cuticle layer of the hair and allow the conditioner to penetrate into the hair for best conditioning results).
      • After thoroughly rinsed, wring out or towel dry as much excess moisture out of the hair as possible. Apply your conditioner starting at the ends first and working your way up to the root area. For finer hair, or any type of bonded or fusion extensions, be careful to not apply too much conditioner at the root area. This can cause pre-mature slipping of the bond. Once conditioner is applied gently comb through with your fingers or a wide toothed comb to evenly distribute the conditioner and relieve any tangling through out the hair. Leave conditioner in for anywhere between 3-10min. Rinse conditioner with cool water (this will close the cuticle and lock in moisture). When towel drying gently blot the hair, never ball up or scrub the hair with a towel. 

      For clip-on’s and wigs (including Volumizers, Clip-On Top Closures, Ponytails and Bangs) - **Never shampoo while wearing your clip-on’s or wig.**

      • Before shampooing gently comb out any tangles while holding the top weft/clip area or base of wig with one hand, and comb hair starting at the ends working your way up. 
      • Completely wet the hair with lukewarm water, apply your shampoo starting at the root area and gently massaging the shampoo downwards towards the ends. **Never aggressively scrub the hair in circular motions, or pile together; this can cause tangling. ** Once the shampoo is completely worked through the hair from root to end, rinse clear with warm water (this will open the cuticle layer of the hair and allow the conditioner to penetrate into the hair for best conditioning results).
      • After thoroughly rinsed, wring out or towel dry as much excess moisture out of the hair as possible. Apply your conditioner starting at the ends first and working your way up to the root area. Once conditioner is applied gently comb through with your fingers or a wide toothed comb to evenly distribute the conditioner and relieve any tangling throughout the hair. Leave conditioner in for anywhere between 3-10min. Rinse out conditioner with cool water (this will close the cuticle and lock in moisture). Be sure to rinse any excess product from the clips or weft area. When towel drying gently blot the hair, never ball up or scrub the hair with a towel. 


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    • Hair Care Tips

      Brushing - The use of a hair extension loop brush is very important when brushing out your extensions. A loop brush has no end point to the bristles like a standard brush or comb does. The loops will gently glide along the root so it will not puncture the weft, bond or base of a closure/wig. If you need additional deeper brushing or detangling with the use of a wide toothed comb- gather your hair as if you are holding it in a ponytail, comb starting at the ends and working your way up to the mid shaft of the hair until completely detangled, then use the loop brush to complete brush through at the weft or root area.

      Sleeping - *Never go to sleep with wet hair*  *Never sleep wearing clip-on extensions or wig.* Before sleeping completely brush your hair out with an extension loop brush, being sure to eliminate any tangles. Braid hair into a low braid or wrap hair using a scarf. The use of a silk pillowcase is not required, however it is always a benefit to both your hair and your skin.

       Swimming - Wearing extensions doesn’t mean you can't do the regular activities you love, it just means there are a few extra steps that need to be taken to keep your beautiful locks healthy. Regular swimming and long periods of time hair is exposed to chlorine or ocean water will require a few steps to be taken to prevent any damage to your hair. Dry hair will soak in any water that it touches or is completely submerged in, so creating a barrier for your hair is important before swimming. Prior to swimming rinse your hair with cool/lukewarm water and apply conditioner. This will act as a barrier to any chlorine, minerals or sea salts, which could penetrate into the hair and cause damage. If you are a frequent swimmer using a swim cap is highly recommended. After any swimming, it is important to shampoo and condition your hair so chlorine and minerals don’t sit on the hair for a long period of time.

      Styling - It is highly recommended to use a leave-in conditioner after shampooing and conditioning your hair regardless of how you plan to style it (air dry or blow dry). Our Vital Hair Care Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner is a perfect blend of moisture and UV protection without weighing down the hair. This is something to look for in any styling aid you use; if a product is too heavy on the hair it can create tangling after a couple of days of wear. If using heat on the hair it is very important to use a thermal protector prior to exposure of any hot tool. You will want to use a thermal protector or working spray that is low in alcohol content. Some products available on the market (although branded as thermal protecting) actually contain high levels of alcohol, which can cause a reverse effect when used frequently, by drying out the hair instead of protecting the hair.

      If you prefer to let your hair air dry to show off your hair's beautiful natural texture then these tips are for you:                                        

      • For Straight textures- Other than the use of a leave-in conditioner not much product is needed depending on how straight you want the hair to air dry. Most of our Straight textures (aside from Relaxed Straight) will naturally dry with a slight wave to it. If you want to enhance this wave you can use a light wave or curl definer and scrunch into the hair to deepen the wave. If you want to let it air dry in a silkier straight texture you can use a very light shine spray or silk serum to the lengths of the hair. Very little is needed. Evenly comb this throughout the hair and let air dry in a brushed straight position.                                                    


      • For Wavy or Curly textures- Mist in your leave-in conditioner and apply a curl cream, lotion, or spray. The use of a mousse or gel may dry a bit too hard in the hair depending on the line of styling product you are using. Completely comb or finger-comb the product through the hair to distribute evenly. With your fingers or a soft towel scrunch up the waves/curls to set in place. The use of a diffuser will create added definition to your texture, however if doing so only dry about 50%. If dried to long with a diffuser it may frizz out the texture. 


      If you are a styling queen and love to show off a little versatility with your hair than these tips are for you:

      • To style your hair silky smooth and straight - *Never use a flat iron on wet or damp hair, make sure hair is completely dry* Before blow drying always use a leave-in conditioner or styling aid that has thermal protection and smoothing aspects to it. Straight textures will easily blow out silky smooth with the use of a paddle brush. Wavy and Curly textures may require smaller sections when blow drying out straight. If following with the use of a flat iron to get perfectly straight smooth locks, mist on a thermal protecting spray immediately before flat ironing. Comb the product through to be sure it is evenly distributed on each section. It is important to have a flatiron that has a temperature control setting. Start with the heat on low and slowly set higher if needed depending on the density and texture of your hair.                           


      • To curl or wand your hair wavy - *Never use a curling iron, marcel iron or wand on wet or damp hair* You can either air dry or blow dry your hair prior to use of a curling iron. For a softer finish of a curl or wave you may want to blow dry the hair smooth first. Mist a thermal protector or working spray on each section and comb the product through before wrapping around your iron. This will ensure each section is protected and holds your style longer.
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    Coloring Your Hair Extensions

    • Coloring virgin Indian hair

           Hair extensions are not only a great way to add length and volume to your existing style but also for adding color without having to chemically treat you own hair. We pride ourselves on carrying 100% pure Virgin Indian hair. One of the great benefits of wearing pure Virgin hair is the ability to color the hair to create your own customized look. All Virgin Indian hair comes in a natural 1B shade, which is an off black/dark brown. The hair can be colored darker or lighter. This applies to our Virgin 1B Steam Permed Remy Hair as well. Being that this is real human hair it will take to color the same way your natural hair does. Some bundles may process quicker, and some bundles may take more coloring time due to the hair's natural texture. 

           It is highly recommended to have a licensed Cosmetologist perform the coloring service on your extensions using a professional grade color line. DIY and at home coloring products are not recommended and can lead to undesirable results. We suggest using an ammonia-free color, and don’t recommend lifting the hair past 4 shades lighter than the natural 1B shade. For instance, taking a 1B to a Platinum Blonde would take the use of a bleach lightener and may lead to over processing and permanent damage to the hair. When doing any color service to the hair, perform a test strand first to see how the color processes with your formula being used. Once you confirm the results and processing time are correct than you can carry on with the full application of color desired. Keep in mind that the lighter you go it may slightly loosen the hair's natural curl pattern. This is something you can check for after completing your strand test as well. 

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    • Can I color over already colored hair?

           This is a common question when trying to find the perfect color match or when planning out future color changes for your hair extensions. *This question pertains to any color we carry other than the Virgin 1B.* Typically we do not recommend coloring hair that has already been colored, due to the fact that it has already gone through a coloring process. However, there are some rules that can be slightly bent here when done by a licensed professional. 

           We definitely do not recommend coloring hair lighter that has already been colored. If this is done it will lead to over processing, undesirable results and possible permanent damage to the hair. Coloring darker or toning hair that has already been colored is a different story. This has been proven to be effective and when done properly can lead to amazing custom color results.

           If coloring the hair darker (i.e, toning, adding lowlights or going a shade or two darker overall) it is still recommended to have a licensed Cosmetologist formulate and perform the coloring service using a professional grade ammonia-free coloring product. Being that this hair has already gone through a coloring process it is very important to do a color test strand to see how the hair processes the color. It may take the color extremely fast or may pull a different tone other than what you are expecting, since the hair already has color on it.

           Coloring hair darker is a great option if you find you are in between two different shades we offer, or if you want to add dimension and fun splashes of color to your style. If this is the case you will just want to pick your extensions in the lightest shade which will be incorporated in your all over color so you have flexibility of going darker or toning. 

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    Hair Guides & Charts

    • How long will the hair last?

           Knowing how long to expect your hair extensions to last is very important in deciding which type of hair to go with. Hair extensions are an investment, and should definitely be treated so to get the longest possible lifespan out of the hair. Different types of hair will determine different time frames the hair will last.

      Virgin Indian and Remy Indian hair will last 1-2 years with proper care and maintenance. This may seem like a big range, however it will greatly vary depending on the individual wear and maintenance of your hair. If the hair is excessively colored and/or heat styled frequently the lifespan may be less. If the hair is properly treated with sulfate free products, deep conditioning treatments and less heat use throughout wearing it, the lifespan may even exceed 2 years. Being that the cuticle on this hair is intact and aligned all running in the same direction it will react to product, chemicals, and styling just as your natural hair does. This is why it is so important to treat the hair properly to get the longest wear out of the hair.

      Colored Indian and Human Hair will last at least 1 year with proper care and maintenance. This hair has gone through a chemical coloring process to achieve its beautiful color so treating the hair gently with sulfate free products and conditioning treatments is key to reaping the benefits of this hairs lifespan. Human hair rather than Indian hair, typical is not as strong of a texture. This hair can still be heat styled and treated the same, however it may not last as long as Indian hair.


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    • How much hair is needed for a full head or partial install?

           The amount of hair needed for your install is a very important factor when purchasing extensions to achieve a very natural realistic look. As a general rule of thumb - the longer you plan to go with your extensions, or the thicker your natural hair is.... the more hair is needed. For any type of hair extension installation method, if you have too little hair to work with the finished result may not be as desired and natural looking.

           For a full head installation you can refer to the graph below. The amount of "bundles" or "packs" needed does vary depending on the type of extensions you plan on going with. For a partial or half head installation, on average about half the amount recommended for a full head is appropriate. This may vary depending on how much natural hair you plan on leaving out. If in doubt, always get an extra pack for safe measure; it's better to have a little extra rather than not enough during your hair appointment. Whatever you don't use you can save for your next install or a touch up down the road. Please keep in mind that our curly hair is naturally thicker than straight or wavy hair. This means you may not need as much hair for a full look.

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    • How to choose your best matching color.

           Choosing the best match in color is one of the most important factors in achieving the most natural, seamless finished look. Colored extensions are also a great way to add color to your look without having to chemically process any of your natural hair! We offer a range of colors in the most popular shades for multiple types of extensions. You can refer to our color chart ***addlink*** to see the full range of colors we offer.

           When choosing a color keep in mind the setting on your personal computer monitor, tablet or mobile device my appear differently than in person. If you are at all unsure, feel free to contact us via email sales@perfectlocks.com or phone 1-888-290-4771. We would be happy to assist in finding the best match for you, or email any additional photos if needed. You can also send a picture of your existing or goal color you are wanting, and we can consult further.

           If you find that you are in between two shades, it is generally better to go with the lighter option and have your stylist tone or darken it to your desired shade. We do not recommend coloring lighter over already colored hair. This will lead to over processing and undesirable results. If you do choose to go darker, this will be done at your own discretion and is highly suggested to have a professional apply the color. A color test strand is always recommended

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    Ordering & Policies

    • Ordering Information

      Payments & Ordering

      We accept credit card payments, Paypal payments, and Bill Me Later through PayPal. For International customers, PayPal is usually the best option because of International AVS (Address Verification Service) requirements. We also accept Western Union Payments.

      Credit Cards

      We accept the following credit cards:

      Our credit card system will only process orders using your billing address for security reasons. We take fraud seriously. If you have a different shipping address, we require the following information sent to us by email or fax:

      • Your photo ID (driver's license, passport, etc.)
      • The front of your credit card (you can conceal all the numbers except the last 4).

      Identification items can be sent email to sales@perfectlocks.com or fax to 925.349.4050. Most customers will take a photo with their cell phone and email it to us.

      How to Use Paypal

      Paypal allows customers to use their credit card with or without creating a Paypal account. One the checkout page, after selecting the PayPal option and clicking the "CONFIRM ORDER BUTTON, you will be redirected to PayPal where you will see the screens illustrated below. The screens show how to

      Simply follow one of the options to pay with your credit card, or use Bill Me Later:

      • Perfect Locks CheckoutPerfect Locks Checkout
      • Paypal ScreenPaypal Screen
      • Use Your Credit CardUse Your Credit Card
      • Or Choose Bill Me LaterOr Choose Bill Me Later

      How to Use Bill Me Later (a PayPal service)

      Bill Me Later is a service offered by Paypal, which makes it easy to buy now and settle up later. Make no payments for six months. You will receive monthly statements and can make payments at any time. As long as you pay in full by the promotion expiration date, you will not be billed interest. Otherwise, interest will be billed from the date of purchase. We recommend using Bill Me Later if your order total is large, or if you are interested in buying now, and settling up later.

      Just follow these simple steps:

      • Add items to your shopping cart
      • Select Bill Me Later at checkout
      • Answer two quick questions and accept the terms

      Here's what you need to know:

      • You'll start with buying power of at least $250, which is the minimum purchase amount to use the Bill Me Later service.
      • If you choose to pay over time, the Annual Percentage Rate is 19.99% and the minimum interest charge is $2.
      • If you happen to pay late, you could receive a late fee of up to $35.


      Western Union

      Paypal does not operate in several countries. If this is the case, we suggest you make a Western Union transfer. Western Union can be very convenient for some international customers. If interested in paying by Western Union please email us your order details, with specifics like product type, length, texture, and color by using our contact page or sending a mail to sales@perfectlocks.com. We will then send you an exact total including shipping costs, along with the rest of the instructions.

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    • Shipping Information

      Shipping Information

      We will ship all available items by 2PM Pacific (5PM Eastern) Time on the same day of authorization of your payment. Our system emails your order receipt as soon as your online order is complete. You may also login to your website account to view your order details. If you have not received an email please contact us immediately. Custom Orders, and other items may not be available for immediate shipment. We will notify you of product delays or back-ordered products and hold your order until all products are available. You would have the option to cancel your order for a full refund if you desire.

      We will give you a delivery estimate when you place your order based on the information we receive from our warehouse on behalf of FedEx. We are not responsible for late shipments due to inclement weather, holidays, natural disasters, or carrier delays. Please keep in mind holidays do not count as a business day and should be considered when calculating shipping times. We entrust FedEx to deliver your package on time. If your package is delayed we will not offer a reimbursement of shipping charges. If you need additional information, please contact us.

      We Take Fraud Seriously

      We require that your shipping and billing addresses must match for your order to be approved. If your order has been declined due to an Address mismatch, please contact us to resolve the issue. If you have a special request for a different billing and shipping address, please call us at 1.888.290.4771 with additional forms of identification ready to provide to us. If you are a thief or somebody fraudulently using a credit card that belongs to somebody else, rest assured that your IP address is logged and you will be prosecuted.

      Overnight Shipping

      Overnight orders placed by 2PM PDT will be sent out the same day ensuring next day delivery. Packages will not be delivered on Saturday unless you select the Priority overnight option on Friday. It is always wise to order far enough in advance to allow for unanticipated delays.

      Product Availability

      If the product you ordered is not available, Perfect Locks will contact you immediately by phone, email, or both to see if you are interested in a product substitution. If a substitution is not a viable option for you and you wish to cancel your order completely, we will issue your payment as a refund.

      Signature required upon delivery

      Due to problems with missing shipments and fraud attempts, we ship all packages as SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION... meaning someone must be there to sign for the package. FedEx will attempt to obtain a signature at the time of delivery. We are sorry, but we do not have any way to give special delivery instructions to the FedEx delivery person and any such instructions will be ignored. FedEx will make three attempts to deliver your package. After the third attempt they will hold it at a FedEx location for pickup. If the package is not picked up after 7 business days the package will be sent back to our facilities. It is the customer's responsibility to arrange for package pick-up if necessary. No refunds will be issued for refused or abandoned shipments.

      Undeliverable packages, Incorrect Addresses, and Refused Deliveries

      Your order will normally be shipped via FedEx to the address you provide. Tracking numbers are sent to your email address as soon as a shipping label is created. If you do not receive a tracking number, please let us know. Use your FedEx tracking number to track your package in transit.

      Incomplete or incorrect address information are the major cause of shipment delays. Check the address information on your order. Make sure you have included ALL the information (address, apt#, etc.) needed to deliver your package. FedEx charges a service fee for address corrections. You will be charged for any additional fees caused by bad address information.

      Lost Shipments

      If you have tracked your package and there is a discrepancy in delivery information or it has been lost in transit please contact us by phone or email immediately. We will contact FedEx right away and initiate a trace for your package and have them start an investigation. This investigation can take up to 8-10 business days. If it is determined that your shipment has been lost a replacement will be sent pending FedEx's investigation of the situation. If the product comes returned to us as "undeliverable", we will contact you and re-ship the item at our expense depending on the situation.

      International Shipments

      We do ship internationally. However, we only accept Paypal, Western Union, and bank wire transfers from International customers. Paypal does not service all countries. If this is the case then Western Union may be your best option. To place a Western Union or bank transfer order with us, please contact customer service with your order requirements. We do not accept credit card payments through our website or over the phone for international orders, this is due to concerns of fraud. We use FedEx International shipping to ship outside of the Domestic United States. These shipping options are made available to you when you register an account, and when you select the shipping destination for your order during the checkout process.

      International Shipments must clear customs. The rules and requirements for customs clearance vary by country. It is the customer's responsibility to pay any additional taxes, fees or duties or to arrange for any permits or special paperwork that may be required. Invoices are sent with all shipments. This is the only document that will be sent with your shipment. Please read the information we have provided concerning customs clearance. This information may be found on the ASK US page of our website.

      Incorrect Orders / Products

      In the rare occurrence of a mistake or delay from our end, we will make every effort to correct it. If we shipped the wrong item or something is missing, we will re-ship it at our expense using the same method of shipping as on your order. You must notify us of any incorrect or missing items within 7 days after receipt of your shipment.

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    • Return & Exchange Policy

      Returns & Exchanges

      14 Day Return Policy

      Perfect Locks takes pride in on our customer service and high rate of customer satisfaction. We offer a unique and flexible return policy with no restocking fee within 14 days of purchase on all products (excluding Clearance Rack and Custom Orders which have a 15% restocking fee). All hair is thoroughly inspected before leaving our factory in India, double checked once it arrives to our California based facility, and then triple checked before sent to you, in order to ensure consistency and quality. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your order or purchase, we do offer the flexibility of a full refund, not including applicable shipping costs.

      virgin hair care video

      Very Important: Very Important: Before using your new hair extensions, please inspect the product thoroughly to ensure the correct length, color, texture, and quality are as desired. We encourage you thoroughly inspect and examine the hair without cutting the zip ties or opening the bundles to ensure satisfaction with the product. We also recommend combing through the hair with a loop brush, as well as shampooing and conditioning the hair with high quality, professional grade sulfate free hair care products while the hair secured in the zip ties. Treating the hair with quality products is essential prior to and after installation. Get a second opinion from your stylist if you are unsure or have doubts. Once the hair is used we are limited on what we can do to help you if a problem arises.

      If you would like to return your product, you must submit a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) request within 14 days of receipt of merchandise. To submit a RMA request online you will need to log into your account here: http://dev.perfectlocks.com/customer/account/login/ and can request a RMA here: http://dev.perfectlocks.com/awrma/customer_rma/new/. To check the status of a RMA request you can visit: http://dev.perfectlocks.com/awrma/customer_rma/list/. You can also call customer service at 1.888.290.4771 for any additional concerns or questions.

      Our return policy for a full refund must meet the criteria below:

      • Requests must be made within 14 days of receipt of your order.
      • We only accept returns on hair products that have not been installed, colored, cut, or altered in any way.
        Please note: Federal law states you cannot return human hair products that have been used. We adhere to strict policies in regards to federal law, health regulations, and hygiene concerns. If the item is removed from the bundle and used in any visible manner, all refund and exchange policies are voided.
      • The hair must remain in the bundle and not be untied at the top.
      • The hair must be in its original packaging and tagged.
      • Returned packages must include a copy of the original invoice.
      • Merchandise must be physically received before a return can be granted. Please allow 72 upon receipt.
      • The product must be sent back at your expense. We recommend you use shipping provider with a signature confirmation service, and/or insurance to protect your package.

      Please do not send unauthorized returns. Merchandise sent to us without an RMA cannot be tracked and may be lost. We assume no responsibility for lost items, unauthorized returns, or items sent to the incorrect address.


      We do offer exchanges if the returned product meets our requirements:

      • Exchange requests must be made within 14 days of receipt of your order.
      • We will not accept exchanges of products that have been altered or used in any way. This includes hair that has been cut, processed, colored, or untied at the top of the bundle.
      • Shipping and Handling costs will be at the customer's expense. We recommend you use shipping provider with a signature confirmation service, and/or insurance to protect your package.
      • You must send the product back before we can process an exchange.
      • We offer one exchange per original order.

      Refunds and Exchanges must have an RMA created within 14 days of the original order. Refunds or Exchanges will not be permitted after 14 days. Please allow 2 business days for your return to be processed.

      30 Day Product Guarantee

      In the rare occurrence of a problem with a product that cannot be resolved through routine maintenance, we want to take every effort to resolve your situation. Refunds are not permitted, but we will take every effort to address any quality issues. The steps to determine if there is a genuine problem, and how to resolve it, are as follows:

      1. You must contact us within 30 days of receiving your order.
      2. You must contact a customer care representative at 1.888.290.4771.
      3. Depending on the situation, we will ask you to send photos of your problem.
      4. Since most problems can be resolved with a maintenance regimen, we may offer suggestions as what product(s) may help resolve your problem.
      5. If the problem cannot be resolved through maintenance, the hair must be sent back to us and received before we can take further action. We handle each situation on a case by case basis, the end result of a verified product inspection is replacement.

      In order for us to determine if your purchase warrants replacement, the entire purchased amount of hair must be completely removed and mailed back to our corporate offices in California. All costs for hair removal and mailing the product back to Perfect Locks will be covered at the expense of the customer. Perfect Locks will thoroughly inspect the product; upon verification of the problem Perfect Locks will bear the cost to send out a product replacement. If no problem with the product is evident, Perfect Locks send the item(s) in question back to the customer without an exchange of product.

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