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All Testimonials


Monday 24 November, 2008


"I just wanted to say thank you. This hair is the absolute best hair I've ever purchased. The quality, thickness and quantity received was far and above all others. Not to mention that I received it in 2 short days. Thanks so much for your quality and service. I will continue to refer all my friend and family. Now I'll always have perfect locks."
Testimonial By: Kellie P. — Scottsdale, AZ

Thanks for everything

Monday 24 November, 2008

"I LOVE THIS HAIR!!! I have bought hair from a number of vendors that CLAIM to have the PRODUCT that will never tangle etc etc etc. This hair is excellent , I have used over 3 times & it still looks as good as when I bought it. I am a customer for LIFE! The hair is expensive BUT IT IS WORTH EVERY DIME BECAUSE I AM WORTH IT. I want to give a shout to my hair stylist Fatmata Sayeski 408.561.8744 (the best). I will download pix's when I get my hard disc back. Buy this HAIR you will never shop with anyone ELSE! I also want to give a big shout out to the Customer Service rep @ PerfectLocks, she was patient with all of my questions."
Testimonial By: Jean Sandhu from Mountain View, CA — Mountain View, CA

Only Indian Hair for Me

Wednesday 29 October, 2008

"I love this HAIR! When I was in the salon my stylist other clients all wanted to know where I got this hair from. I gave my stylist the card so she can refer her clients. I will post a picture soon. However, everyone in the workplace says it looks so good. I will never where anything else but indian Hair."
Testimonial By: Janiece B. — San Diego, CA

Can you say BLESSING?

Saturday 27 September, 2008

"Ok were do I start, how about I LOVE THIS HAIR !!! I had a million doubts because I was getting this hair for a special occassion, so I needed to make sure that I was not getting crap.... And I didnt I could not ask for a Better product , and for the PRICE it is Simply amazing. The funny thing is in my area this type of hair is very popular, so when I showed up at the salon with mines EVERYONE wanted to who made it where did I get from how much did it cost, and as much as I wanted to keep that information to myself i decided to share my BLESSING as well and told them perfect Oh by the way their customer service is the BEST!"
Testimonial By: Tess B. — College Park, MD

My search is over

Saturday 20 September, 2008

"I have been searching high and low for a site or store that felt I could trust to deliver some quality REAL virgin remy Indian hair and I am SOOO glad I found Perfect Locks. I am very satisfied with my hair. It's unlike any hair I've ever purchased and worth every penny. Even my husband noticed the quality was 100x's better than the "corner store" hair (and he's anti-weave). I look forward to getting my sew-in next week. The customer service was wonderful and I can honestly say that I'll be ordering from Perfect Locks from now on."
Testimonial By: Tara F. — Tallahassee, FL

Very Pleased with Priyanka

Thursday 18 September, 2008

"I am very pleased with the quality of the hair I purchased. I was very apprehensive at first, because I didn't know anyone who had worn this type of hair before. Because of the wonderful customer reviews, I was won over and convinced to make this sound "Investment". When I received my order, Priyanka left a note saying that because she ran out of the length I requested, 20 inches, she sent me 22 instead. That is what I call "customer focused business". I felt as if I'd gotten TWO treats that day!"
Testimonial By: Fareedah M. — Fort Worth, TX

Don't go with anyone else

Wednesday 03 September, 2008

I bought Perfect Locks hair after finding their website by chance (and with a lot of prayer!). Someone referred me to another vendor, but something made me trust Perfect Locks. I'm so glad I listened to my instinct! The hair was so affordable and yet so beautiful. As you can see from my photos in the photo gallery, my wedding pictures turned out AMAZING! The combo of great VIRGIN Indian Remy and an amazing weavologist resulted in the best weave I've ever installed. I have referred others to this site, and I will continue to buy from Perfect Locks for all my future weaves installs. Don't go with anyone else - THEY are the vendor for you! Don't believe this thread? Email me at and I can share my great results with you personally. God bless you!
Testimonial By: Stefani B. — Leesbury, VA

6 months and counting!

Thursday 07 August, 2008

I have had my hair for over 6 months now and it still is as beautiful as the day I got it. I wear it curly or straight and everyone thinks this is my real hair. There are no tangles, no frizziness, no dryness. The hair is perfect. Anyone thinking of getting it, DONT WAIT, do it now you will be very happy!!!!!
Testimonial By: Simone S — Hyattsville, MD

Love this hair

Saturday 02 August, 2008

Love this hair

The wavy indian hair is really beautiful...and i received my shipment on time. The customer service was really nice and was very helpfull when i called to change the length of the hair that i had ordered! Im definitely going to be ordering some hair again soon!
Testimonial By: Bermina B. — Pembroke, FL

Love your products

Friday 20 June, 2008

I love your product. I ordered it and had it put in before my Hawaiian vacation & my hair looked great the entire week. I had it washed and set before I left for my trip and on my trip I was able to wash it, comb it out, & run mousse in it and let it air dry and curl right back up. The hair lasted me a month & then I was able to have it redone using the same hair. My stylist even loved the hair. I will be ordering again.
Testimonial By: Leslie M. — Grenta, Louisiana

Exceeded my expectations

Friday 16 May, 2008

I ordered two packages of the wavy hand-tied hair and it has exceeded my expectation. My beautician has been in the hair business for over thirty years and she has had nothing but raves about the quality of the hair. I have used other human hair before, but I am absolutely sold on Indian hair. It looks natural and FEELS so soft. Also, I needed my hair in a hurry and was very happy with the express service which allowed me to receive it the VERY next day.
Testimonial By: Jean W. — Pontiac, MI

Customer for Life

Wednesday 14 May, 2008

I received my hair today and i love it.....this is the best quality i have ever bought, i can't wait to put it in tomorrow, i will send you a picture so you can place it on your website.................customer for life!!!
Testimonial By: Valencia H. from Houston, TX — Houston, TX

Second Purchase, love this stuff

Wednesday 16 April, 2008

Hello, this is the second time I have ordered from you. I am awaiting my second shipment, and I am presently wearing the one I order 6 MONTHS Ago. I am a stylist as well and have researched NUMEROUS brands/types of hair and your hair by far has been of the FINEST quality. It's longevity, resistance to shedding and resistance to matting is PRICELESS. I can also say that when it is in I can hardly feel it. It mixes and feels JUST LIKE MY OWN HAIR! You have MY business that is for sure. Keep up the PHENOMENAL work and product quality.
Testimonial By: Bridgette C. — Osawatomie, Kansas

Absolutely Gorgeous!!!

Wednesday 09 April, 2008

I received my hair yesterday and it is absolutely gorgeous. In the past I paid $800 for the same exact quality hair. I was ripped off. You have a customer for life. Your customer service is excellent also. I will spread the word!!
Testimonial By: Marissa S — Irving, TX

Loving it

Tuesday 08 April, 2008

Loving it

I got my order from perfect locks a few days ago, and I've had it installed for 3 days. I got hand tied wavy in natural brown/black 24". So far I'm loving it! I lightened it a bit with a high lift color and it held up really well it's very silky and it doesn't tangle at all. Next time I order from them I think I'll get the straight texture just because I like to be able to have my hair very straight sometimes and it's not really possible with the wavy.
Testimonial By: Shannon Wood — Prince George, BC, Canada

Excellent all the way around!

Tuesday 01 April, 2008

Customer service-EXCELLENT!, product EXCELLENT!, price EXCELLENT! I love my hair and have referred to my friends. Thank you for caring about your customer's:)
Testimonial By: Mechelle M. — West Bloomfield, MI

Extremely impressed with this hair

Saturday 29 March, 2008

Extremely impressed with this hair

I received my hair order today and am extremely impressed! I have ordered from two different companies in the past and the packages I received simply included the hair. Thank you so much for enclosing a receipt and a packet of information about how to care for the hair. I am thrilled that you cater to your customers! The hair is beautiful, very thick, which is great and I can not wait to have my stylist put it in. I have recommended other sites in the past, but I will only be telling people about your site from here on out. The prices and quality of hair are amazing! Thank you so much!!!
Testimonial By: Karrah M. — South Bend, IN

Highly Recommended!

Wednesday 12 March, 2008

PerfectLocks on customer service:
I ordered my hair late on a Thursday, and selected the two day Fed Ex option, and the next morning I recieved a call from Priyanka, informing me she recieved my order, however Fed Ex doesn't deliver on Saturday's so I wouldn't recieve the hair until Monday and she figured I needed the hair earlier, (which I did b/c my appointment was on Sunday) so she told me she could send it a faster route, and sure enough, I recieved it Saturday! Thanks Priyanka!"

PerfectLocks on hair quality:
I recieved the hair, and I was a little worried b/c I ordered two packs of hair, and usually I require a third pack, because I have thick hair. However, since the hair is such a great quality, and there is a good amount of hair per track, I was able to get a full head sew in weave with just the two packs, with a little hair left over ( which is a big deal, because I always require more hair). I also was unsure of how wavy the wavy hair was, and almost ordered curly, but when i got the hair, and wet the hair, it turned out perfect. I love this hair, and I would recommend it to anyone!"
Testimonial By: Kelli P. — Bay Pointe, CA

Still looking great

Tuesday 11 March, 2008

I purchased my Indian Hair in December and it still looks very good to this day. I really love it and would recommend Perfect Locks to everyone and anyone looking for good quality hair. It is absolutely beautiful!! I'm getting ready to place another other. Thank you for you excellent customer service.
Testimonial By: Paula G. — CA

Quality and Perfection

Tuesday 04 March, 2008

The very first time I ordered the hand tied virgin wavy Indian hair, I was amazed by the customer service first. Then when i received my order, I was totally surprised by the quality of the hair! Its great, no tangles and the hair is soft and authentic. I loved the hair soo much. I immediately ordered another 8 ounces for a client of mine. Being a stylist it is very important that i provide quality and great service to my clients. I have been ordering my Indian hair from Perfect Locks ever sense and would not think of supplying my clients with any thing less. The hair is great. I plan on ordering my hair in bundles, because its soo wonderful, and my clients love it as much as I do.. thanks Perfect Locks for providing quality and perfection.
Testimonial By: Diona — Moreno Valley, CA