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Yum! 17+ Natural Beauty Remedies Already in Your Kitchen

We’ve talked previously about skin care products lying around the house, just waiting to be used for pretty faces. But did you know that there are literally dozens of natural beauty remedies—from hair recipes to facial scrubs to bath, beauty, and acne care treatments—already in your kitchen cabinets and refrigerators? These simple ingredients and homemade beauty tips can help you cut costs, reduce your exposure to potentially toxic chemicals, and even elevate your mood!

Check it out:

#1-2.) It’s no secret that natural oils absorb more easily into the skin and hair, leaving less, or no, greasy, pore-clogging buildup. For a healthy sheen to your hair, or for soft, smooth skin, try using pure, food-grade olive oil or coconut oil as a moisturizer.

3.) Looking for a homemade shampoo? A baking soda clarifier removes dirt and debris without stripping essential oils, and is great for curly or kinky hair. Baking soda facial scrubs and hand scrubs also work wonders, and this super-versatile ingredient can additionally be used as a toothpaste/smile whitener, mouthwash, bath salt, and even a deodorant!

#4-5.) Speaking of fresh breath, fennel and coriander seeds are very effective antiseptics, and chewing just a few of these pods provides longer-lasting results—and is better for your mouth and teeth—than sugary gum. That’s why Indian restaurants usually have a bowl of seeds by the exit!

#6-8) To exfoliate dead skin and maintain any professional skin treatments you may receive, mix up a bit of yogurt with cornmeal or grits, and rub the paste over your hands, feet, and body. The gritty particles of this homemade skin treatment will scrub away dead skin cells, leaving your newer epidermis free to shine, while the proteins, fats, and moisture of the yogurt condition it. Rinse away for a great glow.

#9.) Refresh your scalp with a soothing brown sugar scrub. Work the mixture in, in small circles, then rinse to let your hair follicles breath. Promotes hair growth, and also gentle enough for facial scrubs.

#10-12.) The kitchen abounds with ingredients for a homemade mask. For dry skin, or for women living in cold or arid climates, avocado and banana provide nourishment without pumping in oils or clogging pores. Oilier skin types can use a variety of rinses and astringents (see more below), but almost everyone can benefit from a homemade mask of powdered milk or honey.

#13.) Mayonnaise does double duty as a fantastic deep conditioner for any hair type, and the also as the closest thing to a natural facial peel one can find: the acids in it slough away dead skin, while the egg protein and milk fats restore health.

#14-15.) Speaking of double duty, both eggs and honey (mentioned above) do excellent jobs as simple homemade masks and effective hair conditioners. A honey-and-warm-water hair rinse can leave your tresses shiny, and egg protein is great for stiffening limp hair.

#16.) Similarly, lemon juice is a major ingredient in many hair recipes, including a hair rinse for all hair types, as well as the perfect astringent for oily or combination skin.

#17.) Apple cider vinegar can rinse hair and skin clean, with just a hint of a tingle, and without stripping natural oils completely away.

#18-19.) We all know that cucumbers are renowned for their ability to ease under-eye puffiness and dark circles. But did you know potatoes have similar properties? The starch in potatoes draws out impurities, while it’s literally the coolness of the cucumber that does the trick.

#20-21.) Herbs like rosemary have long been known to promote shiny, healthy hair—but so can tea! All-natural teas like chamomile (for blondes), and orange pekoe or Red Zinger (for redheads) can brighten hair color and impart sheen, as well as being great rinses and aromatherapy treatments for bath, beauty, or home.

#22.) Kool-Aid. The list can’t be all healthy, can it? Women have been dyeing their hair with unsweetened Kool-Aid mix for decades, and it’s an inexpensive and temporary way to try a daring color—like Grape Purple or Berry Pink—for a while. Although that does make one worry about drinking it… :)

In any case, if you’re looking for inexpensive and all-natural beauty remedies, your refrigerator and cupboards are the first places to look—forget the expensive, brand-name products. And, with all the harmful, even toxic, ingredients in many bath, beauty, and hair care products today, you may even come out safer by trying these homemade beauty tips. (Look out for Friday’s piece, to find out about Beauty Product Ingredients to Avoid. A must-read for everyone!)

Take care of yourselves,

Perfect Locks

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