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You Can Swim and Sun Bathe with Hair Extensions

A common concern with hair extensions is if you can sit out in the sun and go swimming without causing significant damage to your hair. Like any hair, it's important to use necessary products and methods to ensure that your hair stays healthy and strong. Hair extensions are no exception.

It's summer time and swimming in the ocean is definitely something you plan on doing while you're away in Maui, the Caribbean, or whatever tropical getaway you plan on visiting. However, you have extensions and you want them to stay nice.

The good news is that swimming won't damage the bonds of your hair extensions, but it's important to try to not have your hair extensions wet for too many hours at a time. We suggest having no more than two hours of your hair extensions in the water to prevent slight shedding.

If you're just sitting near the water or are in a hot tub and the ends of your hair is getting wet, then you don't need to worry as much about your extensions. That is different than having your hair directly in the water for long periods of time. Just being conscientious of  the length of time your hair is in the water will keep your hair healthy and shiny, as opposed to the slight shedding and dullness that may take place.

If you are going to be diving or swimming in the ocean, a swim cap is a good idea and will keep your hair protected from both the water and sun. Also, while you are in high heat of 100 degrees and above, be careful not to pull at your extensions. They won't come out by themselves, but there is a possibility of them coming out if you tug at them while you are in high heat. Give yourself time to cool off in the coolness of your home before brushing your hair out after sitting in the sun for long periods of time.

During the summer time you may be just  a girl who wants to have fun in the sun. However, remembering to take care of your hair extensions by following these simple tips will not only keep your hair extensions in tact, it will save you the time and energy of replacing them. Remember to conditioning your hair and replenish its much deserved moisture after hours in the sun or water. Your hair will be thanking you after you use our Mixed Chicks Detangling Deep Conditioner and the next time you head out on a date or outing with your friends, your hair won't reflect ocean water or heat damage. Instead you will be glowing and your locks will be too.

One thought on “You Can Swim and Sun Bathe with Hair Extensions”

  • Charles

    One of my clients told me that her hair extensions, initailly blond got damaged when she went swimming in a swimming pool. The extensions have turned into an orange like color.
    What could have caused that? The water or the quality of the extensions.

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