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Win in Winter: Cold-Weather Hair Care Tips

With November just around the corner, colder weather is about to hit. For most women, fall and winter can mean lots of great things. Boots, stylish coats, holiday parties, presents, time with family, and cuddling up with a sweetheart in front of a crackling fire – what’s not to love?

Yet winter, with its snow, sleet, and rain, can wreak havoc on your locks. So here are a few fall and winter hair care tips for keeping your mane in tip-top shape throughout the colder months.

  • Stay moisturized… Especially important for kinky or curly hair types. Winter weather is already drying enough, but low temperatures increase use of heaters, sucking the moisture right out of delicate tresses. Stay warm and still have healthy hair by using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to fight off crunchy winter hair. Try to avoid using too many oils, waxes, or styling lotions, as these don’t evaporate or spread well enough when cold, building up on the scalp and causing dandruff or other problems.

  • …inside and out. Make sure to stay hydrated. Most people drink more water in the summer months, simply to cool off. But H20 is the body’s best and most natural lubricant; the more of it you drink, the quicker your body flushes out toxins and renews itself, resulting in clearer skin, shinier hair, and a healthier scalp.
  • Mind materials used for hats, scarves, and coats. Rough-textured fabrics can pull hair out around the hairline or cause damage and breakage. Opt for wool hats or scarves with a silky or satiny lining sewn in, or wrap a silk scarf around your head before wearing them. This also holds true for sporty girls who wear hooded sweatshirts; protect your locks! Try to put a layer of protection like a scarf over high-collared coats or sweaters, which are notorious for snagging and pulling hair.
  • Cut down on heat applications. Blow dryers, curling irons, pressing combs, and flat irons all help draw even more moisture out of your hair. This can leave hair in a brittle state; dodge the damage danger and go for low-heat styling methods like roller sets or wraps instead.
  • Fight frizz with a sleeker look. Instead of wearing hair down or out, get an updo, chignon, bun, or ponytail that delivers high style with minimum hassle. In fact…

  • Cover up. Winter is a great time to try a wig or full-head weave installation. Not only does the wig or weave cover and protect your natural hair from the elements, but it also gives you chance to give your precious tresses a rest from heat styling and manipulation. This tip is especially useful for natural Black hair, as the colder temperatures make natural coils shrink when wet. The less you have to handle resistant locks during this tough time, the better. However…
  • Adjust your shampoo cycle. Putting hair away for an extended amount of time will usually lead to shedding and breakage. Even though cold weather may make you shudder to get your head wet, you should take down and wash holiday-party updos after a week, and braids after a month. Women with naturally straight hair may find they actually need to shampoo less often, to retain their natural scalp oils, but still should not go more than 3-5 days without a wash.

Ready for winter yet? Then find yourself a style that’s fireplace-cuddling ready!

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