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Wig Wisely: Do’s and Dont’s of Wigs

detail 1 p RW1044!HUW Wig Wisely: Dos and Donts of WigsFew other hairstyle trends of the past few years have exploded onto the scene with as much popularity as wigs. Advances in materials and technology have helped women everywhere use wigs in ways only dreamed of before. But without proper care or selection, these hair pieces can also be nightmares. So if you’re interested in rocking a wig right (but unsure what you must do or how to proceed), here are a few helpful tips to get you started.

DO try on wigs before selecting one. Not every hairstyle flatters every face shape or personality; the short cut you love on Keri Hilson or the full-banged bob you adore on Nicki Minaj may not suit you well at all.  The advantage of this, of course, is that you get to try dozens of different hairstyles and colors without chopping and dyeing your own hair – so take it!

While you’re trying on wigs, DO make sure the hairline and way the hair “sits” look natural. Even lace-front wigs can look more like a hat than your hair, if the hairline does not blend naturally and the hair is to thick or straight for your face and head. Bring a trusted friend with you, to make sure your wigs looks right.

curly lace front wigs Wig Wisely: Dos and Donts of Wigs

A natural-looking hairline is an absolute MUST

DON’T cheat yourself by opting for a cheap wig that won’t suit your needs or last very long. Human-hair wigs, especially those made with virgin Indian human hair, are the best for replicating the look, movement, and feel of “real” hair…because they are real! Like human-hair extensions, human-hair wigs can be pinned up, flipped, curled, and even dyed, all without the shedding and artificial look of synthetic wigs.

If you do want a synthetic-hair wig for short-term use, DO brush it with a natural-bristle brush from time to time. This takes away some of the unnatural shine synthetic wigs  tend to have, and it keeps tangles at bay as well.

DO take care of your wig by storing it on a wig head at night, no matter what kind of hair it’s made of. This helps the cap keep its shape and the hairs stay in line.

DO curl and otherwise style your wig when it’s on your head. Shaping the wig to your own head’s contours helps you know exactly how and where each curl will fall. This eliminates the need to re-do anything, making styling easy and convenient.

LL styro foam hd big Wig Wisely: Dos and Donts of Wigs

Using a wig head preserves your human hair wig

DON’T rotate wigs too often, and especially don’t mix up colors on a daily basis (unless you have the daring to pull it off). Even simply alternating brown and black hair can be a huge tip-off that your perfect locks aren’t actually yours. Instead, let your wigs “grow” on you before switching off to another one.

DO dab a bit of shine product into your human-hair wigs, and DON’T forget to wash and condition them. You must take care of your wigs as if they were your hair, in order for them to look fabulous!

Take care of yourselves,