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Why it's so Important to Keep Your Locks Luscious

By now you've probably caught up on our article The Perfect Locks Guide to Conditioners and Conditioning Hair. In addition, we also have Tips on How to Condition Your Hair, and more. If you haven't read all about conditioning, we're here to refresh your memory and remind you why it's so important to take care of your locks. A daily conditioner is essential for maintaining healthy hair. You should be conditioning your hair every time you shower and it should follow after shampooing your hair. The reasons why you need to take the time to condition your hair may surprise you.

1. Your Cuticles Need Conditioning

Do you know that your cuticles in your head actually need conditioning? The cuticles in your hair are raised or slightly opened every time you shampoo your hair. This allows for the shampoo to thoroughly cleanse your hair. Afterwards, when conditioner is used, it smooths down your cuticles, restoring your hair to a proper ph balance.

What else is important? The exterior surface of your hair is also replenished. A daily or instant conditioner will do the job, however a deep conditioner is even better. A deep conditioning provides nutrients and essential protein to a hair's cotex. A hair's cortex is in the center of a hair shaft.

Don't forget about heat. The reason it is difficult to get shampoo and conditioner out of your hair when you use colder water is because  the heat raises your cuticles. On each hair strand the heat allows the cuticles on each hair strand to open fully. Because the cuticles fully open, the conditioner can do its job by nourishing, saturating, and making your hair luscious.

2. Discover the Right Amount of Protein

For most hair (and this includes hair extensions,) it's important to deep condition your hair at least once every two weeks. If your hair is chemically treated, it is even more essential that your hair is deep conditioned every few weeks to restore your hair strands that most likely have been damaged from coloring your hair. A hair straightener can also damage your hair. After a few weeks of washing your hair, observe how your hair handles the deep conditioning. If it starts feeling more oily than normal you may have used too much conditioner. Believe it or not your hair can only absorb a certain amount of protein. Excess protein can coat the hair shaft and weigh it down.

3. Keeping Your Hair Healthy Will Make Your Extensions Last Longer

Overall the more attention you give to your hair, the healthier it will become. If you have extensions and you condition them. they will last longer and your hair will look shiny and new. As you wash your hair, keep in mind that your cuticles need to be opened with hot water, followed by conditioning your hair for optimal results. However, find a right protein balance for your hair strands as well. You don't want to over condition your hair and if you find the right balance - your hair will remain luscious and lovely. That is the way it's meant to be.

Please send us a tweet and let us know what your secrets are to keeping your hair luscious and lovely!

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