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What You Should Know About Coloring Your Hair Extensions

raven-ombre1As many of our customers realize, virgin Indian hair extensions have the versatility of being custom colored after purchase.  So, you have the option to wear your hair in its natural off black/dark brown color for one weave installation and then later coloring the hair for a completely different look with another sew in look if you so desire just as an example.  This is just one of the many advantages to investing in quality virgin Indian hair.

However, some women are novices to hair coloring and do not have clear expectations on how the hair will change after coloring.  Whenever you color your virgin hair extensions, the hair is no longer virgin and may require more care.  Just like with your natural hair, because it has been chemically processed, conditioning is even more important so plan to conditioner wash frequently and deep condition at least every other week to keep the hair from appearing dry.  Bleaching the hair may result is slight texture changes, so you may see a difference in the curl pattern after you’ve lightened your hair extensions and it may or may not decrease the luster the hair had.  To restore the shine and silkiness, after bleaching apply a clear rinse to the hair and the problem is solved.  Lastly, after you color your hair extensions, using heat may stress the hair more than normal so try not to use your curling and flat irons daily if you plan to wear your hair extensions through multiple installations.  Whenever you do curl or flat iron the hair, be sure to apply a heat protectant to protect your tresses.

We realize that many ladies choose to wear hair extensions so they can do things they would never do to their real hair, such as rock a bold new color, so we don’t want to scare you from doing so.  In fact we encourage our customers to have fun with their Perfect Locks.  But we also want our customers to be well informed so you get the most out of your hair and are able to enjoy it for months to come.  Happy coloring!

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