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Weekly Care: Three Things to Do to Pamper Yourself

hair treatmentLife is hectic, and keeping up with jobs, family, friends, and taking care of yourself can seem overwhelming. It’s important to take some time each week to take care of yourself and to be committed to the rituals that make you feel sane, beautiful, and healthy. It’s easy to let your schedule fill up with many obligations, so that before you know it, your calendar is parsed out to everyone but you. Block out some time in your schedule each week, and protect that time even if it means saying no to other things. Here are a few fantastic ways to take care of you each week.

Hair Treatments

Beautiful hair is a wonderful asset, and it takes a lot of care and consideration to keep your hair lovely. Take some time each week to take a hot bath and infuse your hair with a nutrient-rich treatment, such as Perfect Locks Deep Conditioner. Your hair will look and feel fresh and new, and the treatment will give your confidence a little boost too. You probably shouldn’t deep condition too frequently, because deep conditioners will eventually weigh hair down or make it too oily.


A light yoga routine or basic stretches will help you breathe deeply, care forstretching your body, and relax. It’s sometimes difficult to come down from the stresses of the day. Stretching does require a bit of physical exertion, so the results are also good for your complexion. You’ll sweat out a few toxins. Light a few candles, lay out a yoga mat, and turn off all the lights. Spend some time breathing deeply as you stretch to help your body and mind focus then relax. Stretching before bed will also help you get your beauty sleep.

At-Home Facials

You may not be able to justify spending money on a professional facial each week, but an at-home facial can help you relax and improve the look and feel of your skin just as easily. The internet has plenty of natural-ingredient facial recipes, or consult a facialist to see if she has any products or recommendations.
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