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Weave Into Summer with the Perfect Hair Weave and Learn how to Care for Your Weave too!

How's your summer going? We hope it is going well and that you are loving your summer hair weave! If you've been struggling with ultimate heat that's not only heating up outdoors and the inside of your home, chances are that the heat is affecting your weaves too. After all, there is nothing more frustrating than a smelly, itchy, and sweaty weave when you're trying to have fun in the sun!

Instead of standing in front of the air conditioner and being afraid to go outdoors because you want your weave to still look fabulous, why not read over these tips. We promise these tips will help your tresses look their best throughout the summer time.

In order to keep your weave tight and right, the first important factor is investing in good hair. We'd like to remind you that we do in fact sell good hair that's pure and comes from the highest quality. There is nothing worse than having a cheap weave that will tangle and mat easily. Plus, with the high temperatures that result in sweat, the results will not be good.

That's why finding quality hair is so important. We have soft hair textures where the cuticles are aligned and this will certainly prevent crazy things from happening on your head of hair - such as matting, birds' nests, and all sorts of other nightmares.

perfectlocks-531212445664643622_56076761Another thing to think about? Think about buying a curly or wavy texture weave during the summer time. The reason why is because if your natural hair is curly, then your curly weave will blend in well with your natural tresses. When it's humid outside your hair will naturally curl anyway. So keep your hair weave curly and you won't have to fight with your natural hair that you normally would have to straighten daily if you have a straight weave.  Now your wavy weave will blend in with your curly hair weave-out! Check out our Wavy Virgin Weaves and see what we're talking about. ;)

Speaking of leave-outs (which is the hair on your head that you leave out of your sew-in, which blends in with your extensions), keep in mind that when you install your sew-in that you should find a hairstyle that will show as little of your actual hair as possible. That way if your hair does not blend in well with your weave you won't have to deal with the irritation of having to monitor your edges every single day during the summer months.  Also, don't use a lot of heat to blend in with your hair. Stick with an edge controller such as  Olive Oil’s Edge Control and it will work extremely well with your tresses.

You will also need to shampoo and condition your hair more during the summer time because this is when sweat will build up under your track nets, threads, and tracks. So frequently washing your hair is important and by the end of the summer, you'll also want to take your weave out sooner rather than later. That way your actual hair can receive a must needed washing.

Taking out your weave to give your hair a temporary break will also helop eliminate itching, flaking, and other problems that you may experience during the summer time if you're not properly taking care of your tresses.

One more thing - moisturize the hair that is underneath your weave. If you spray on an activator this will help eliminate hair problems during this hot season and your tresses and scalp will stay in great condition. You also won't have to worry about restoring your hair when autumn rolls around.

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