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Up, Up, and Away! Updos that Looked Lovely at the Oscars

Amy+Adams+Updos+Chignon+D83gK3HFb3xlWe told you we'd be back with another post today about the Oscars, didn't we? Well, here we are! We loved the updos that our leading ladies oh so elegantly showed off on the red carpet this year. Whether they incorporated a bun, chignon, or a messy updo, all of the hairstyles looked amazing.

Updos are always great go-to hairstyles for the Oscars because they are fuss free and keep hair out of faces. Since many actresses are hounded by the cameras all evening long we don't blame them for not wanting to worry about their tresses! Incorporating a few loose strands near their face is perfect enough and they did a great job this year by coming up with both gowns and updos that sizzled.

Amanda Seyfried and Naomi Watts looked gorgeous while wearing their stunning updos that had stray strands, which also provided some extra body to their hairstyles. Nicole Kidman also went for an updo but she incorporated even more face-framing tendrils that looked romantic and sweet.


Another great aspect of these updos was that these ladies (or their hair stylists) chose to tease their hair in the front, which provided a perfect amount of body to their stylish updos as well. You never want to have an updo that's too tight because it would have taken away from their pretty gowns so these updos were perfect.

Amy Adams went with a chignon, which is easy to style but difficult to pull off! Considering Amy's very romantic gown her hairstyle was a perfect match. Of course her auburn mane and dazzling smile definitely polished off her look as well! ;)

And of course, the leading lady of the night was Jennifer Lawrence, who not Jennifer-Lawrence-Oscars-2013-hair-updoonly won an Oscar for best Actress (bravo Jennifer!) but also dazzled in her elegant Cinderella gown and perfect updo. Her stylist gathered her hair back with both elegant twists and subtle braids, and then finished it in a low updo with a perfectly managed bun. He or she happened to do a wonderful job with creating enough body up top as well, instead of making this updo too tight. Jennifer looked polished and beautiful in a dress that was perfect for her Oscar win that evening. Plus, paired with her dangling earrings and pretty dress, Jennifer was one to shine.

What was your favorite updo at the Oscars?

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