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Two Beautiful Braid Trends to Dress Up Fall and Winter

Braids have been in style for the past couple years, and this chic, simple, gorgeous trend isn’t going anywhere. One of the greatest things about braids is that the possibilities for creating new and different styles are utterly endless. Weave a few smaller braids in with a down hairstyle, braid side-swept bangs, or create a shapely, thick braid full of texture and volume to make a big statement.

Hair extensions are perfect for braids, because you can weave them into your natural hair to create volume, or you can braid individual straight clip-on hair extensions to create braided headbands or halos.


fishtail braid

Fishtails were popular in the early nineties, but there’s nothing dated about the updated fishtail trending today. Fishtails look best when they have a bit of thickness to enhance the intricate, artful way that the hair is woven together. Before you braid your fishtail, add in some extensions like our straight clip-on top closure hairpiece. Create some texture with hairspray, so the hair around the head will be full and voluminous. Your fishtail doesn’t have to be perfect – in fact, a slightly messy, romantic style is hot this season. Secure the end of the fishtail with an elastic and spray lightly with hair spray. For a romantic twist, pull your hair to one side, and braid it for a side-swept look.

Halo Crown

halo crown

In the past, women could only create a halo crown braid if their hair was extremely long. Now it’s easy to create this look with clip-on hair extensions. You’ll want to make sure your extensions exactly match the color and texture of your hair. You can either pull your hair back or leave it down. Part your hair in the middle, and pull hair back in a messy, romantic clipped style. If the back is a bit messy, it’s easier to cover up the hair extension clips. Put the clipped end of the hair extension underneath a stack of books to hold it in place, and braid the extension all the way to the end. Secure the end with elastic. Clip one side of the extension at the nape of your neck. Wrap the braid around your head, securing with a pin at the nape of your neck, and a hidden pin at the top of your head. Spray with light hairspray and you’re set.

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