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Trick or Treat! Create Your Own Glamorous Halloween Outfits with Clip on Hair Extensions

Happy Friday from Perfect Locks! Can you believe that Halloween is almost here? There are many of us that spend a lot of money on a Halloween costume that we will only wear on one day. Instead of spending money on a costume that is really expensive, use clip on hair extensions to surprise friends and family with a new do that looks like a brand new you! There are also outfits and accessories that you can find in your closet to create a super hero, villain, Cinderella, or whatever else you'd like to be. Here are some ideas to get you going.

Become a Goddess

If you want to become a goddess for Halloween it's easy to transform yourself into Cleopatra or another historical gorgeous character. Do you have a white dress? Find a flowy white dress and a pair of sparkly flats. Now all you need is gold ribbon and hair scrunchies and you are all set!

Tie the gold ribbon around your waste and use the gold scrunchies to put on the upper part of your arms to act as gold bracelets. Use scissors to curl additional gold ribbon and attach it to your hair extensions. Now all you need is some black eye makeup to create a smoky eye look and you'll be all set!

Dress as a Corpse Bride

If you feel inspired to be a corpse bride all you need is a lot of blue! This is another white dress costume that simply needs a lot of lace and an old veil. Tear up the dress a bit to make it look old and you can easily find an old white dress at a thrift store for half the amount of money as opposed to a costume.

Do you know someone who knows how to do makeup well? Use pale shades of makeup and blue eyeliner to really make the look stand out. Buy a pair of creepy contacts lenses for Halloween day and either purchase a blue or white wig. You can always hide your hair in a lacy twisted up bun as well. Stun everyone with your fashionable outfit that looks like it was professionally created except you just did it all on your own.

Be Fashionable in a Candyland Costume

If you are fan of the game Candyland or just love candy in general, why not show it off on your Halloween costume? If you own a tutu all you need is a white tee shirt or corset top to pair with it. Attach fake cupcakes that you can find at Michaels or another craft store. You can also print out a variety of colors in different shapes and sizes and attach them to your tutu. The idea to to create a fun, fabulous, and colorful look that everyone will love. The more color and imagination the better!

Now use clip on hair extensions or find a fun wig. Pick out a favorite pair of heels in your closet and head out for a night mystery and fun on Halloween.

Fashion is always more fun when Halloween arrives and you don't have to break your wallet to become the goddess you always dreamed of being, even if just for a night. Search deep within your closet and find outfits that you can combine and create into one of your favorite characters. On Halloween people will ask where you got your fashionable outfit and you can answer - in my closet at home!

Inspire friends to utilize fashion accessories and outfits in a closet full of opportunities to create your very own Halloween costume! You may be surprised at what you come up with and you will encourage others to save money and create their own fashionable attire for a evening night of fun as well.

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