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Tree Braids: The New Trend in Human Hair Extensions

One of the hottest new trends in hair weaving is tree braiding. Tree braids offer the look of a human hair weave with the convenience of cornrows. Tree braids are a relatively new style, and many women wear them exclusively as their hair extension of choice. Tree braids are a cross between micro braids, interlock braids and human hair weaves. In this technique, the stylist creates a cornrow with the human braiding hair, forming the root of the "tree." As the braid progresses, the stylist pulls out individual strands of the hair, allowing them to hang free.


These strands cover the cornrow base and  appear to be growing from the scalp, similar to the look of a human hair weave.

What kind of hair should be used for tree braids?

When considering tree braids, the most important thing is to cover the cornrowed section of hair. Most stylists will recommend curly or wavy hair that is thick and will ensure maximum coverage of the cornrow base. Choose bulk Indian braiding hair for your tree braids. Many people who choose synthetic hair are disappointed when the hair does not last or becomes rough and matted. Your cornrows will last several weeks or months, so purchase human Indian Remy bulk hair for your braids.

Choose a length of at least 18-24 inches of human braiding hair  for your tree braids. The human hair should be long enough to cover the cornrowed section and camoflauge your roots.

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