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Tired of Long Hair? Loosen Long Locks with Flowing Styles

Having long hair can be amazing sometimes, but it can also be a pain. On those days you just don't feel like styling your long locks and hair extensions, opt instead for something that you haven't tried in a while. There are new trendy styles to try, and if you're unsure how to do these latest hairstyles you can always check out the movie star's latest hair looks online or watch a hair tutorial on YouTube.

Olivia Wilde's bubble ponytail Is Olivia Wilde's bubble ponytail your perfect ponytail?

In fact, there are a few styles we have our eyes on, which should change your outlook on your long tresses in a flash.

Bubble Ponytail

Heard of a bubble ponytail? This segmented look is very unique and fun to style. If you have medium length hair and need longer hair to try this look, complete your perfect bubble ponytail with our Clip On Human Hair Extensions. For this hairstyle a Wavy Clip On Ponytail will work best because there is a slight wave in a bubble ponytail already after it is complete.

To accomplish this hairstyle, after you have a ponytail with your wavy hair and extension, separate your ponytail into three or more different "bubble like" sections. After you are satisfied with your different bubble sections, you can hide the elastics  by wrapping a few strands of hair around each section. Wrapping your hair around each section if you choose will make your look appear more polished.

Clip Your Tresses to the Side

If you're headed out the door to a meeting, night with the girl's or date and don't have time to manage your locks, secure a side-part by finding a stylish clip and clipping back part of your tresses. Of course this hairstyle will look its best if your hair is already wavy, so if you don't have time to curl your hair

beach waves Half up, half down beach waves

sleep with damp hair that's braided the night before. In the morning you can use your flat iron over your braid and then take it out for gentle waves. Now all you have to do is find a cute clip and you'll have the perfect look for an evening of fun!

Half Up, Half Down Beach Waves

Who says beach waves are only for the spring and summer time? Beach waves work for every season, and if you're tired of having your hair in your face, complete a beachy hairstyle and then pin back half your hair to get some of your tresses out of your eyes. Virgin clip ons are perfect for completing this look. Style your already wavy clip on hair extensions by teasing them with a comb. Add in some light styling cream if you'd like but you shouldn't have do because you already have the perfect wave.

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