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DASH: 4 Simple Rules for Cutting Straight or Wavy Hair & Extensions

Maybe you want to layer your hair. Maybe you’d like to lop off some bangs. Or maybe you just want to go for or an ultra-cool boycut. Any way you look at it, you’re going to need to cut your hair, and if that hair is straight or wavy, there are four essentials things you’ll need to know before the snip. Lucky for you, here are those four things, all with a convenient acronym!

Damp straight or wavy hair is easier and better to cut than completely dry locks. Use a wet comb or a bit of styling product. Wetting your tresses a little bit not only helps pull out waves and keep fine strands together for cutting, but also helps eliminate frizz in the end. However, don’t cut hair sopping wet, as even the straightest hair may shrink or become finer when dry; you don’t want a haircut that only looks good when you’ve been swimming!

Angle your scissors to prevent split ends and frizzies. Just like cutting thread back in Home Ec, hair holds together better when cut at slight (less than 15 degree) angle. Work with small sections or tilt your implement horizontally, like a rocking boat, to maintain an even or blunt cut.

Super-sharp hair scissors, razor combs, clippers and other cutting tools are a must, since sharp tools create a quick, clean cut. Dull implements will require sawing and hacking to get results and will lead directly to split ends, damage, and puffy, unkempt-looking hair. Really sharp fabric scissors (back to Home Ec again!) can work in a pinch, but try to keep your tools ready for action at all times.

Hold hair to be cut with the right amount of tension to prevent strands from slipping loose and getting missed. Nothing’s worse than a hit-or-miss haircut! If you are cutting extensions, this means make sure the hair has been attached to your head. Use a comb or elastic band to pull sections you intend to trim away from your face and the rest of your hair; this also helps you measure the same length accurately for every snip, avoiding a lopsided or patchy look.

Fortunately, straight and wavy hair is fairly simple to cut. It won’t throw you for any loops; that’s for sure! Depending on the kind of style you’re going for in the end, though, you may want to ask a friend to help you with the back or with complicated layers. But that’s no problem – just make sure they know these four tips, and they’ll be ready to DASH off your new haircut in no time!

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