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Three Fall Makeup Trends for Dark Toned Skin

When fall rolls around, it’s easy to remember to change up some of the pieces in your wardrobe, as well as your hair. As these aspects of your wardrobe change, it’s important to update your makeup right along with them. Don’t be afraid to try out some new trends at home and perfect them before wearing them out. You may even be able to use some of the makeup you currently have in new ways and this will most definitely compliment your hair extensions as well. Here are a few fall 2013 makeup trends that work well with dark toned skin.

Lash Drama

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The 1960s and ‘70s popularized silk lashes, and while Diana Ross sported a chic look for her time, today’s lashes carry the same eye-enhancing beauty but have a softer, more natural look – as if you actually grew the long, lush eye fringe. There are many options for false lashes these days, including styles subtle enough to wear by day or stunning enough to add drama to eveningwear. Don’t be afraid of lashes – just make sure you know how to use them before wearing them out. Invest in some quality lashes (try our new Mink Eyelash Extensions!) and good glue, which will last for many uses.

Bright Lips

Bright lips can take some practice to perfect, but the style they add to an outfit can’t be beat. From classy reds to bubble gum pinks, bright lips hit the runway in many top designer shows for this season. If you’re uncertain which hue works for you, consult a trusted friend or an aesthetician at your favorite makeup counter. Be sure your lips are well-moisturized and you have the appropriate products and tools to achieve the look you want. Some colors and techniques will require lip pencils, special brushes or gloss. Exfoliate your lips a few nights a week to ensure they will remain beautiful and supple.

Defined Cheekbones

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Defined cheekbones are an excellent way to showcase the angles of your face and even look thinner. If you don’t have a lot of experience with makeup, you can still achieve this look with a few instructions. A good brush is key tocreating perfect cheekbones, as well as appropriate colors of blush and/or bronzer. Blushes are appropriate for cold-weather temperatures, because they mimic the look of rosy red cheeks caused by cold weather. Bronzers are usually more appropriate for spring and summer months, because they evoke a sun-kissed face.

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