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These Shoes are Made for Walking: Creating Your Own Designer Shoes

While you may have a pair of those treasured Manolo Blahniks, most ladies aren’t able to afford the contents of the closets of our dreams. After dressing your best in your favorite clothes, styling your hair and adding some glamour with human hair extensions, and doing some great new makeup techniques, the perfect shoe adds just the right touch to any outfit. Sometimes the shoes you have in your closet may not seem sufficient for special outfits, but for girls with average salaries, it’s difficult to go out a buy a new pair of shoes for every great outfit you put together. If you’re looking for a creative outlet and want to create some show-stopping footwear, try a few easy projects to jazz up shoes you already own or inexpensive shoes.

Feathers, Feathers, Feathers

Feathers are still a hot fashion trend, and they can add some amazing flair to your shoes. Don’t constrict yourself to just considering the toe of the shoe as a place to adorn. Consider the whole shoe. Sometimes putting the top of a peacock feather toward the heel and embellishing it with a gemstone can add just the right touch. Peacock feathers are chic, give an exotic flair, and the rich colors will undoubtedly inspire some great outfits. Be sure to wear pants or a skirt that are short enough to showcase your handiwork.

Cutesy Cool

If you have some cute flats that are in need of a little pizzazz, take the cute route and pick out some ribbon and buttons. At the curve of the shoe, right beside your little toe, fold the ribbon in a pretty design, and glue it on. Put a few cute buttons in colors you love on top of the ribbon to anchor it. If the shoes are soft fabric, you could stitch on the items with a needle and thread. This will hold longer. If you’re not a fan of sewing or don’t have the time, a hot glue gun can work just as well. Just be sure to hide the glue underneath your decorations, and don’t burn yourself!

Go to the internet to look for more ideas for how to jazz up your shoes. It’s full of easy ideas, including glitter and paint, and you don’t have to be Martha Stewart in order to make them fabulous.

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