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The Top Black Celebrity Hairstyles We Adore (and You Should too!)

If you're ever been curious about what celebrities have the most popular hairstyle on the web for African American actresses or singers and more, you're about to discover who makes the cut. Thanks to Huffington Post, we were as intrigued as you're about to be about who comes out on top, and what we think makes their hairstyles stand out.

Overall, two names dominate in regards to glam hairstyles -- Rihanna and Beyoncé -- whose rankings no doubt have to do with their popularity as artists who sing as it is to do with how they wear their tresses on a daily basis. The article from Huffington post also reveals some surprising results which we will keep in the author's own words -- "Michelle Obama's hair is more popular than Naomi Campbell's for example, while Halle Berry's short crop beats Nicki Minaj's restless plethora of multi-coloured weaves. In the battle of the television personalities, Tyra Banks is in at number five, while Oprah doesn't make the list at all."

Mariah Carey is near the top of the list (#10 with 580 Google searches per month) and we have to admit she's one of our favorites. With her flowing long tresses and her beautiful smile, Mariah already wins everyone over with her songstress ways and now she's winning us over with her flowing tresses! There's no doubt this half-black and half-white beauty knows how to style her hair and usually you will see her with soft curls or a tousled waves which are irresistible. Soon you will catch Mariah and her multiple hairstyles on American Idol, airing this January! We certainly can't wait - can you?

Beyonce places at #2 with 12,000 Google searches per month. Beyonce definitely has it going on with her gorgeous voice, family, and of course hair! Beyonce often switches up her look and goes kinky curly, straight, or loose and lovely depending where she's at and what the occasion is! She definitely demands quite the presence on stage and in real life and looks gorgeous while singing her heart out. Perhaps we should take more hair tips from this beautiful lady!

No surprise here, but Rihanna comes out as #1 with 18,000 Google searches per month! This original artist is constantly switching up her music and tresses, which keeps us guessing all of the time! Depending on her mood you'll find her with blazing red hair or cropped and short hair, but don't expect her to stick with the same hairstyle for long. Her tresses always look fabulous as does her look; no wonder everyone desires to have Rhianna's look everyday as well. After all, Rhianna definitely shines bright like a diamond and you can too by applying her mega changes of style into your hair care and fashionable appearance.

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