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Getting the Right Hair Cut for Thick Hair

It can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. Women without it would love it, while those who have it often wish they could just give some of it away. What is it? Thick hair!

Densely-packed strands of hair are great for giving your mane a healthy, full look. But thick tresses can also be a nightmare to care for and style, especially since thick hair tends to be curlier and coarser than fine hair. You have to have just the right hair cut in order to prevent the dreaded "bush look"...and here are a few ideas for what your best hair cut for your head of thick hair might be!


Chop It Low, Girl

Extremely short, low-cropped haircuts make maintenance a breeze and can flatter almost every face shape. If you have extremely curly or kinky Type 3c or Type 4 hair, this kind of short haircut is heaven-sent, since the extremely short length eliminates the need for texturizers, relaxers, or other chemical treatments - most women find that their hair "lays down" and even straightens out with just a little brushing, water, and pomade!

And if you choose to embrace your hair's natural texture, the ringlets will be even easier to care for. Simply wrap at night and run a small pick or brush over your locks in the morning, and you're all set to go. No flat irons, no frizzing, just "good hair days" every day!

Rapunzel, Rapunzel


Similarly, long, lusciously-dense locks are lovely and versatile, and make thick manes look movie-star beautiful. Whether by growing out your own strands or by adding a few tracks of clip-on Indian hair extensions or hair pieces, your hair will swing like a jump rope and shine like the sun and look unbelievable.

One advantage of taking the time and effort to grow your own thick mane long is that the length and weight of the hair will pull out some of the unruly curliness and make your strands a bit easier to tame. Gravity will do some of the straightening for you, in other words, and cut down on your need for flat-irons or other tools to get a silky look.

However, in-between lengths can be particularly treacherous for thick hair, and that's why you've got to...

Shape, Not Shatter


Highly-texturized, piece-y, and choppy hairstyles are not the thick-haired woman's friend. As any schoolgirl can attest, dense hair does not work well with bangs, and the same goes for almost all other types of hairstyles that involve cutting large blocks of hair into different lengths and shapes. Dramatic layers - a la "the Rachel" cut - only work when thick hair is relatively straight, and when sufficient length is left in the back. Medium-length, chopped-up hairstyles will mostly leave thick-haired women with a hedgehog effect.


Yet all-over-even hair cuts can leave you with a massive, impenetrable-looking blob on your head. So a better solution is to try subtle layers that are about chin-length at their shortest. This leaves enough hair so that it won't frizz, shrink, and fly into the air like a popped car hood. Then gently feather the hair so that it gradually grows longer and longer, giving your thick locks the opportunity to swing and shine and truly show their stuff. Your maintenance time will decrease, your results will be much better, and you'll finally find some peace with your thick tresses - one way or another!

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