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The Bride and Her Hair Extensions

long hairIn the past, the choice to use hair extensions to amplify the style of your wedding hair may have seemed garish or tacky. Hair extension technology, however, has come a long way. Just browse the internet for classy photos of up-dos and wedding hair using hair extensions. The best extensions come from virgin Indian hair that is top quality and if you treat your extensions well, they will last for months. Try Wavy Clip on Hair Extensions for your wedding and look your very best. Also, this list of hair extension don’ts will help you achieve your dream wedding hairstyle.

Don’t be an Amateur

Don’t use hair extensions for the first time on your wedding day. For your wedding, we highly recommend having a professional apply them and investing in the highest quality extensions. Have them applied by a professional about one week in advance. You’ll also want to have 1-3 trial hair styles to make sure you can express what you’d like and the stylist will get it right long before the wedding day. Plan ahead. It will give you peace of mind.

Don’t Experiment

Your wedding day is not the day to experiment with weird colors. If your personality does have a flair for the different, chalk a few pieces of your hair in a bright color. Even if you are a trendy fashionista, it’s best to downplay it a bit for your wedding.

Don’t Go Over the Top

Your wedding day is a day to enhance the beauty you already have and amplify your own natural style. Over-the-top hairstyles can make you look goofy and dated just a few years from your wedding day. Choose a classic, chic style, and glam it up with personality in small elements, like touches of color or subtle accessories. Use extension to thicken, lengthen, or texturize enough that still looks natural.

Don’t Hire Just Any Stylistbridal hair

It’s important that the stylist who applies your extensions is certified to do so and has plenty of experience. Knowing that your hair is in good hands with an experienced professional will help alleviate a ton of stress on your wedding day.

Don’t Forget the Dress

Consider the overall look of your dress and wedding style before landing on a hairstyle. Is your style romantic, modern, or whimsical? Purchase your extensions according to the style of your wedding, so that all the elements work together cohesively to achieve an overall effect.

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