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The Best Tools for Your Haircare Arsenal

To create the best looks and latest styles, you have to have the right tools. Here are some implements that no hair toolkit should be without:

 A Ceramic Flat Iron

This is a must have. Turn your curly locks bone straight, or simply create a soft bump at the ends of your tresses. Owning the right ceramic flat iron is essential to creating sleek smooth looks.

Not quite ready for the Brazilian Blowout? Create a similar look at home with the right ceramic flat  iron. Make sure to choose an iron with plates that don't overheat and cause damage to your hair. Your flat iron should smooth, not crush your strands, ridding them of frizz for a high luster finish. For a salon quality finish, use a serum or polisher to seal in the heat and create a high gloss.


The Sedu Pro Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron has gotten rave reviews for its ability to heat quickly and maintain its heat. Users report that it retains its temperature and doesn't scorch the hair.

Salon Quality Shears

No, you shouldn't use the scissors you use to clip your coupons to clip your hair. A pair of salon quality shears is a necessity for your toolbox. Shears are shaped at the correct shape and size for angled clipping. This makes it easier to tame split ends and to cut the perfect Chinese bang. Also, if you're wearing human  hair extensions (especially the hand-tied variety), clipping the weft with professional shears prevents shedding.

These scissors retain their sharpness over time and require little maintenance and upkeep.  A good pair of haircutting scissors will probably set you back about $125 or more, but the investment is well worth it if you cut often. Shears can range in price from $35-$3,000. However, unless you're a professional stylist to the stars, there is no need to shell out thousands of dollars for your shears.


The Joewell S2 Series Shears are a favorite amongst professionals and novices alike. The price is around $130 and they have been reported to last for years without needing sharpening.

Blow Dryer

A necessity for roller setting and basic drying, the blow dryer is a must have. The best blow dryers are effective at low to medium heat, drying your hair without scorching it or creating heat damage. Lower quality hair dryers can dry out the hair, robbing it of moisture. Find a stylist quality hair dryer that will lock in moisture and keep the hair healthy. Some women with coarser hair complain that lower quality hair dryers take forever to dry their thick locks. An ionic hair dryer or a FIR (far infrared) hair dryer work faster and dry hair without making it dry and brittle. If you're wearing bonded Indian Remy hair extensions, the lower heat setting is perfect for drying your locks without loosening the adhesive.


The Sedu XTI Ultrapower Professional Hair Dryer has received rave reviews from women with thicker hair. Users report that it dries their hair in record time, and helps it to retain its moisture and healthy shine.

Before you get ready to rock that new style, make sure you have the right tools at your disposal.

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