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Thandie Newton: Her Style and Graceful Pose

Thandie Newton, born November 6th, 1972, is an English actress that has starred in many films that you're most likely familiar with. These films include The Pursuit of Happyness, Mission: Impossible II, W., Crash, and more. She made her film debut in the film named Flirting where she became friends with Nicole Kidman, whom she is still friends with today.

Newton has gone through hardships but has excelled despite them. These hardships include her suffering from bulemia in the past and going through a trying relationship that did not work out with a director. She was with the director for 16 years who was 23 years her senior.

Today Thandie is excelling in films and gracing the world with her beauty. Her style is very classy, elegant, and modest. Her most recent films include Retreat and an upcoming film titled Good Deads. Today Thandie is happily married and has two daughters with her husband Ol Parker.

Thandie also desires to make a change in the world and her grace and beauty is show through other ways besides her fashionable style.

According to Wikipedia, she contributed a foreword to We Wish: Hopes and Dreams of Cornwall's Children. This is a book that consists of children's writing published in aid of the NSPCC. In the forward Newton writes honestly about her childhood memories of growing up in Cornwall and the way the county's vibrant cultural heritage made it easy for her to "enrich every situation with layers of magic and meaning." She's also has contributed to causes and visited foreign countries desiring to make a change in suffering people's lives.

What can we take from her style?

She loves to dress in beautiful yet simple clothing. Find her in a frilly and girlie top that looks simple yet stunning paired against her beautiful skin tone and minimal makeup. Thandie's skin just glows with radiance and her simple eye makeup is minimal because she already has plenty of natural beauty! She also sticks to neutral colors and light pinks. Her curls in this picture to the left look gorgeous paired against a ruffle top and neutral makeup on her face.

Whether Thandie has worn hair extensions has yet to be made known, but we think with her subtle layers and thick locks that she might have incorporated a half lace wig. What do you think?

We hope you've learned a little bit more about this stunning actress. Not only does she exemplify beauty in her life - but her locks, makeup, and style are beautiful too!

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