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Take a Risk and Dive into Short Hair Styles

From Perfect Locks we would like to wish you a great weekend! We hope you are able to go out and have a little bit of fun sporting your extensions! :)

Today's topic involves short black hair styles and incorporating a weave. Perhaps you have short hair but you would like create just a little bit of length, but not enough to where your hair is considered long. A weave may be exactly what you were looking for. It would create added volume and maintain the locks you already have. It also could incorporate a new color or style that you have been desiring, such as curly, wavy, or straight.


For example, adding a small piece of Indian Remy Hair can be added to your bangs to create swoopy side bangs that you have been envisioning but just haven't been able to envision until now. Now the bangs that you have dreamed of can come true, allowing a new style for your hair that you will enjoy immensely. Plus it will create a new look for a new you!

A Yaki Straight Indian Remy Hair Weave is also an option if you would like to stick with hair that mimics your own African American hair texture. Our Straight Yaki texture allows your short locks to be just a bit longer while adding shine and texture to your beautiful natural locks. If you are selecting Straight Yaki hair, flat  iron your locks for a more silky and attractive appearance.


If you'd prefer your hair to be a  little bit longer than a short hair do', Indian Remy Hair is the way to go if you'd like to stick to hair that is very similar to your African American hair texture, as we mentioned above.

However, in regards to the style you are viewing on the left, a Straight Virgin Indian Hair Weave would be ideal, creating long lasting locks that are silky and smooth. Silky Straight Virgin Indian hair becomes enhanced and beautiful after each wash. Conditioning your hair will also add to the silkiness as well. Enjoy a pure Indian hair weave bliss and have a professional stylist help you create a layered look similar to the hair style to the left if you're not sure how to go about achieving your new hair style.

If you'd had long hair before but friends and family have mentioned to you that you would look fantastic with a shorter style, don't be afraid to take the plunge. After all, with extensions you can always later convert to a longer style in no time at all. If you prefer to grow back your natural hair and then incorporate extensions, that also is an option. With Perfect Locks hair extensions, anything is a possibility.

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