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Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Beauty Tips to Kill the Winter Blues

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While the colder months often promise extensive fashion options, because layering, scarves, boots, and jackets are hot items, it can be a downer for your hair, makeup, and skin. Unlike the dewy spring and summer months, winter can wreak havoc on hair and skin, because of dry weather conditions and artificial heat. Don’t let the winter get you down. Here are a few fabulous tips and tricks to help refresh your beauty even in the middle of winter, and don’t worry – spring is nearly in sight.
Perfect Locks Deep Conditioner
Your hair probably doesn’t require a deep conditioning every…
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Restoring Summer Hair for Fabulous Fall Wear

Restoring Summer Hair for Fabulous Fall Wear

Now that fall time is beginning you’ll be wanting your hair in great shape as you go through a colder yet beautiful season. During the summer you might have gone swimming where chlorine abides or laid out in the sun at the beach or lake where the sun might have done a number on your hair too. Summer is one season that can truly damage your hair, but luckily there are ways to get it back to its normal and healthy state.
Use Less Shampoo
If you’ve been shampooing your hair every single day, that is a big no no….
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The Mayonnaise Remedy for Damaged Hair

Chances are, you’ve noticed the rise in hair conditioners calling themselves “hair mayonnaise” or “mayonnaise treatments.” These deep-conditioning products are meant to help restore moisture, strength, and flexibility to dry, damaged, or brittle hair…and they also cost a fortune! You can get all the same benefits with a real mayonnaise treatment, made from only the same natural, safe ingredients found in your everyday sandwich spread!
How It Works
Mayonnaise is a great conditioner for hair because it contains two vital building blocks: fat and protein. True mayonnaise is simply made of eggs and olive or other vegetable oils. The vegetable…
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