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Superbowl Sunday Hairstyles that Will Score the Winning Touchdown

Superbowl Sunday will be here tomorrow on Sunday, February 3rd! Whether you're having a Superbowl party or attending one, it's your job to bring some fashion to the party! Dazzle them with your hair extensions and the perfect hairstyle. Think about it - there are plenty of hairstyles that will look perfect with your jeans and your favorite team's tee-shirt that you're proudly going to wear.

Clip-on Bangs

If your hair is long and pretty but you don't have any bangs to go with your do', straight hairwhy not switch it up and incorporate clip on bangs? Clip on bangs will add instant flare to your hairstyle and outfit. Plus - people might not recognize you! It could bring good luck to the team you want to win as well. ;)

Long and Straight

If your hair is curly or you have straight clip on hair extensions to incorporate, straighten your curly locks and incorporate your straight extensions to add to the length and volume! This is a great way to spice up your existing hairstyle and arrive to the Superbowl Party on time and in style. In fact, everyone will love your new look!

Hair Chalk for your Team Colors!

If you're really proud of your team and you want to show off your support for either the San Francisco 49ers or the Baltimore Ravens, invest in some Scarlet Red, Metallic Gold and White chalk for the 49ers or gold and purple for the Baltimore Ravens.

Hair chalk can be challenging to apply to your hair, so if you're unsure of how purple hair chalkto properly put it on your locks, ask your hair stylist to try it on you first.

If it's the right kind of hair chalk it should stay in your tresses without coming off on your clothing. Actually, if it starts to come off on your clothing you know you're not using the right stuff! Instead go to your hair stylist (if they're available today) and he or she will know what brand name to use and how to apply it to your hair. They also can give you quick instruction if you are short on time so at least you will have an idea of how to apply it.

Otherwise since it's such short notice, hop on YouTube; that's always a great way to learn how to do a great hairstyle with color. Pretty soon you'll be wearing your favorite team colors via a great outfit and hairstyle. Not to mention you will most likely be holding your breath (or screaming) during the Superbowl tomorrow as you root for your favorite team!