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Summer Work Wardrobe to Go with Your Hair Extensions: Dressing Appropriately and Comfortably

After getting through winter and spring, it might be a little daunting to think about wearing heavy, modest clothing with appropriate accessories to work in the summer. Especially if you have new hair extensions that you’re excited to show off with a hot new outfit! You may not have been thinking that your new hair extensions would have to go with modest work outfits for a new or current job, but the reality is you have to make your wardrobe work the best you can.

Even though the seasons of sweaters and jackets have gone, summer is the season for bathing suits and vacation wear. Autumn is on its way again, so you may be able to wear your jackets soon! Unfortunately, until autumn and winter are here again, most of us can’t take off the entire summer for a wonderful vacation, so we have to adapt our wardrobes to the heat. Here are a few great outfit ideas that will go with your gorgeous locks as you’re planning your summer wardrobe.

Dressesprinted dress

While short, summer dresses might seem too whimsical or feminine for the office, there are ways you can dress them up or down depending on the occasion.

Get a dress with a bold, graphic print. Make sure it has sleeves (or if it doesn't have sleeves add a shirt underneath that does), enough chest coverage, and that the hem hits at or just above your knees to ensure it’s appropriate for the office. A bold, graphic print is much more work-friendly than a flowery, feminine print.

For your hair, choose long curls or an chic bun. A structured, leather belt will serve well as an accessory. Choose closed-toed pumps for the office, but drop a pair of sexy sandals or flats in your bag to change later for outdoor drinks with your spouse or friends.

Breezy Skirts

You may think that anything looser than a pencil skirt is too girly for the office, but if you invest in a good quality, drapey skirt in a neutral color, you can pair it with a great structured top. The key is to make sure that your top is skirtstructured when your skirt is drapey, so the difference in styles will balance one another out.

Think about wearing a single french braid or try multiple braids in your hair, but make sure the braid isn't too messy since your hair should be office appropriate.

A thin belt looks fabulous at the waist, teamed with another simple accessory, such as a necklace or a bold bracelet.

A Dressy Tank

The dressy tank is a great item for the office, because while you’re indoors in the air conditioning, you can throw a light cardigan or jacket over it, and when you’re outdoors in the sultry evening air, you can remove the overlayer to catch happy hour at your favorite restaurant or hit the town with the girls. It’s a perfect option for a layering piece at the office -- you’ll wear it at least once a week -- and a sexy option for evening or weekend wear.

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